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    Shanghai ZSH production date codes

    I always end up searching around for this information when I need it and it takes me forever. I did manage to remember this time it is hidden in a post about 24 jewel Shanghai automatics!

    So for all of you new Shanghai ZSH owners, you can closely determine the month and year of production by checking for a two letter code under the balance wheel.

    The ZSH was first produced in January of 1974 so the production date for a movement made Jan 1974 would be AA. February 1974 would have a production date code of AB and so on. I don't know exactly when they stopped putting the date code on the movement, but since I have one from 1988, I decided to go at least that far.

    Quote Originally Posted by joelchan View Post
    Mass production of ZSH standard movement by Shanghai Watch Factory started produce in January 1974.
    ZSH Standard Movement information post

    Quote Originally Posted by Chascomm View Post
    Zhang posted a link some time ago about the whole history of Shanghai watchmaking, but I've lost it now O| It was in Chinese and I ran it through Babelfish for a very rough translation. Then I took notes on the dates of introduction of movements.

    Here's what I came up with, but there are still gaps:

    Shanghai (number 1)
    1958 A581
    1959 A591 shock-proof
    1961 A611
    1962 A623A calendar
    1963 A631
    1964 A641 24 jewels, high quality
    1965 A657
    1965 SS1 was A611 (?) power reserve increased to 45 hours
    1965 SS4H was A641
    1965 SS4B calendar
    1965 SS4C automatic, calendar
    1965 SS2C 29 jewels automatic
    1965 SS2B automatic, calendar
    1965 SS6P automatic, calendar
    1970 SS4H-K 21,600bph
    1972 SS1-K 21,600bph
    1974 SSA5 female
    1974 ZSH standard
    .... ZSH/1 19 jewels
    .... ZJH standard
    .... ZJSH standard, calendar
    .... ZCSH standard, 25 jewels, automatic, calendar
    1982 B thin, high quality, joint venture with Diamond
    .... SB1H high-grade B ?
    1984 NBSH female, calendar
    1988 DSH15 quartz, thin
    1990 DSH14A quartz, small

    was Number 2, then Number 4 from 1970, aka Stopwatch (miaobiao), hence M code
    1969 SM1A
    1982 B thin, high quality
    .... SZB-1 same as B ?
    1984 SB5Z female, thin
    current SB1ZZ SZB-1 day/date, auto

    Shanghai Number 2
    1969 SS1
    1972 ZSE standard, high quality
    1982 ESE female
    .... S3-2 female
    .... S3-2B female, calendar
    1983 DSE3 quartz, thin
    1987 DBSE3 quartz, calendar
    .... DSE4 quartz

    Shanghai Number 3
    1969 SS1
    1971 X3IB female
    1973 (?) standard
    1982 ESE female
    .... S3-2 female
    .... S3-2B female, calendar

    Shanghai ballpoint pen factory
    1973 SD2 transistor balance-wheel
    Shanghai caliber production dates

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    Re: Shanghai ZSH production date codes

    Need to throw this whole thing in the wiki :)

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    Re: Shanghai ZSH production date codes

    ........or at a minimum, make it a sticky!

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    Re: Shanghai ZSH production date codes

    Very cool thank you...

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