American Beer - Current Trends and Budwiser
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Thread: American Beer - Current Trends and Budwiser

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    American Beer - Current Trends and Budwiser

    I saw this article this morning and found it interesting. It's titled "Why I don't drink Budwiser" and has lots of info about how Budwiser gained it's initial popularity. The article closes with market trends in the American beer scene. Looks like we are finally figuring out we don't have to drink piss water anymore!!

    Why I Don’t Drink Budweiser…and Why I’m Not Alone | The Pour Fool: What to Drink from the World and the Northwest -

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    Re: American Beer - Current Trends and Budwiser

    Interesting article, but with a few grave misstakes:
    Pilsener was not invented in Czechoslovakia, but in Bohemia in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
    It was not invented for women to drink.
    Women did not drink much Beer, it was not considered " Ladylike".

    And the US Budweiser is in fact not a copy of the Czech Pilzen Urquell (the original Pilsener) from Plzen (German Pilsen) but of the Czech Budweiser/Budvar from Ceske Budejovice (German Bohmish Budweis).
    It is a slightly different, a little bit darker and sweeter, beer than the Pilsen.

    I remember the saying is that the owner of the US (a German) visited Bohmish Budweis, and lured one of the assistant braumeisters over to the US.
    Who added Rice.......

    The real Budweiser is more related to the German Munchener type of beer. Both Carlsberg and Urquell say they invented ( discovered this particular type ot yeast) but who did it - nobody knows!

    There are two breweries by tradition in Budejovice. One is called Samson, the other one Budvar. One belonged to the town, the other one was private ( I might be wrong here.)

    According to my dad, Budvar used make a top class beer and Samson a second quality one, but cheaper.
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    Re: American Beer - Current Trends and Budwiser

    Life is simply too short to drink average beer.
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    Re: American Beer - Current Trends and Budwiser

    Quote Originally Posted by mrsnak View Post
    Life is simply too short to drink average beer.
    ...or actually, the beer in question: below average. Budbudlightmillermillerlitecoorscoorslight suck. And so do their TV spots.
    Like one of my sig lines says: "Life's too long for crappy beer, wine, food, and watches."
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