Best dive watches under 40 mm? (5.2 inch wrist)
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Thread: Best dive watches under 40 mm? (5.2 inch wrist)

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    Best dive watches under 40 mm? (5.2 inch wrist)

    Like everyone else here, I find myself attracted to dive watches primarily, but unfortunately I also find that the vast majority are far too big for my wrists. From past experience, anything above 40 mm is pushing it - 42 to 44 if I want to look like I have a boulder taped to my wrist. At 5.2 inches, they just can't handle much else (21 y/o male).

    Any suggestions here for good quality watches under 40 mm? 38-39 is ideal... haven't been able to find many in this range.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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    Re: Best dive watches under 40 mm? (5.2 inch wrist)

    see if you can pick up a Tag 1000 or Aquaracer and put it on a cloth keeper as opposed to a Nato..... maybe an Omega Seamaster or a Tissot Seastar would work too

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    Re: Best dive watches under 40 mm? (5.2 inch wrist)

    The Rolex SeaDweller ref.16600 would be good.
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    Re: Best dive watches under 40 mm? (5.2 inch wrist)

    Wilson Watch Works had a 39mm German Auto, ETS 2824 made of 316L stainless steel in a vintage diver design which was very nice. Chris is great to deal with and can be contacted at Home. If your not familiar with their watches I've added a photo of the 39mm big brother the 2K

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    Re: Best dive watches under 40 mm? (5.2 inch wrist)

    Squale "50 Atmos" would be perfect for you my friend!It's barely 41mm (but wears even smaller IMO) with very short lug to lug length(48mm I believe) & only 12mm tall...One of the most unique cases on ANY diver & also has an honest to goodness Dive Watch History!
    100% Swiss made,ETA 2824-2 movement,flat sapphire crystal,cases,dials & hands that were made in the early 70's & ARE considered NOS Vintage!You can get PVD or Polished SS cases & dials come in Black,Yellow or the AMAZING Satin Orange like mine...Get one while you can,when they're gone,there gone for good...

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    Re: Best dive watches under 40 mm? (5.2 inch wrist)

    I think you may need a time machine, a-la Napolian Dynamite. I'm a 5-8 runner with 6.7 wrists and am on my 2nd 42mm diver (and have a bigger diver also) and am starting to feel the size sometimes feels too chunky. I miss my 40mm quartz subs before I got into collecting the latest, greatest micro-brew on these forums.

    It's over your stated limit, but my Bathys 100 Fathoms wears small and feels great. It's my favorite watch and also my smallest. Otherwise, to get to 40mm you'll be stuck with subs as far as I know.

    The original Rolex divers were 37, then 40, now most divers are 42-44. When most mens watches were 34, divers were 38-42. Now that most mens watches - even dress - are 40 and up divers have just ballooned.

    Bathys 100F is only 41mm
    Wilson Watch Works will be doing a 39mm sub shortly. I've owned a WWW and they are great - great quality, value, and customer service!
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    Re: Best dive watches under 40 mm? (5.2 inch wrist)

    There can only be one, sbcm023:

    Seiko quality, 20 spy, perpetual, 39 mm. But sadly, discontinued. You could buy them preloved or nos/bnib on the sales forum.

    Good second choice would be a SKX013, same model, slightly smaller and automatic.
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    Re: Best dive watches under 40 mm? (5.2 inch wrist)

    Not sure if you are interested in vintage but at under 40mm or even over 40mm these are hard to beat, just depends on how much you want to spend.

    7016/0 no date Tudor Sub. and a 9411/0 Blue Date Sub.

    Good luck in what ever you decide.

    I'm obviously taking any opportunity to post pics.

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    Re: Best dive watches under 40 mm? (5.2 inch wrist)

    A bit smaller than your requirements, but Omega's Seamaster Midsize comes in at 36mm. I believe the Planet Ocean also comes in a midsize version, though I could be wrong ...

    If you can go up to 40 mm, might I also suggest the OWC line?
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    Re: Best dive watches under 40 mm? (5.2 inch wrist)

    I've got a 5 3/4 in wrist and am drawn to dive watches as well. If you're looking for discreet on your wrist, try the Omega mid-size Seamaster; fits wonderfully on my wrist. The Breitling Super Ocean Heritage 38 (recently discontinued but plenty out there still), also fits wonderfully. Everything else I have is more 'prominent' on my wrist. I can get away with larger watches (in the low 40s), if their lug to lug length isn't way up there; for instance, Seiko Sumo at 44mm wears nicely with its curved short lugs, while the Helson Sharkdiver 42mm, with its very long, fairly straight lugs is a bit uncomfortable. Very thick watches also don't cut it for me; the 42mm Omega PO is only fair in comfort due to its thickness, while the Breitling Super Ocean (pre 2010 model) at 41 mm fits nicely with its thinner profile.
    Best to try them on before buying, if you can. There's more to it than pure dimensions.

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