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Thread: Diver with no date & around 40mm

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    Re: Diver with no date & around 40mm

    It's surprising that there are so few of these I can think of. I dislike date on most watches, mainly because often they are garish oversized windows that don't match the color and detract from aesthetic appeal of the watch. However, if the window is small enough and well matched it doesn't bother me. An example would be the Sinn U1, where the date is low key. You might look at some with discreet date.
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    Re: Diver with no date & around 40mm

    I have to concur about the CWC Royal Navy. The OP's specs are just about exactly the same as mine. A watch has to be otherwise very special indeed for me to overlook a big hole in the face. When I look at a watch with a date window, the date window is usually all I can see!

    As for size, I prefer a smaller watch to the average buyer. A 40mm Bezel is about as big as I would dream of going (and I feel a bit nervous about a watch that big). Flava Flav is not a good look.

    The CWC is the only watch I have seen that is a reasonable size, no date, a decent price AND has proper historical/military credentials. It's a real looker too. (The Precista PRS 18 was issued in the late 80s, but I just don't like the 'bead-blasted' case.)

    I will be getting the CWC when I have the spare cash - hope the OP finds something to please!

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    Here are a couple I like:

    CWC RN Auto Diver

    Helson Skindiver: discontinued but you can find them used.

    Also I'd check out the MKII Kingston and Nassau. Kingston is sold out,but available used. Nassau available to order now, but won't deliver for a few months. Here are stock photos, I haven't gotten mine yet.

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