The greatest titanium dive watch ever built.... why?
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Thread: The greatest titanium dive watch ever built.... why?

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    The greatest titanium dive watch ever built.... why?

    I am a really big fan of titanium watches. Something about them just really strikes a chord with me. I would like to make a pol for this thread but I think I will start by just compiling some of your favorite titanium dive watches and why you think they are the greatest. Try to include a pic if you can.

    So to start I'll say Seiko's golden Tuna 7549-7009

    The watch was originally produced in the late seventies to the early eighties, mine can be dated from the serial number to 1980 which is kind of neat because I was also born in 1980. I was originally drawn to the design of the watch because I wanted something in black and gold but I also really liked the rugged appearance of the watch. Some might scoff that this watch has a quartz movement but at the time the quartz movement used in this watch was much more expensive and difficult to design and produce than an automatic movement. The titanium nitrate coating and ceramic coated bezel are also both really unique, to date I don't think I have seen another watch with a titanium nitrate coating (I think it is actually pretty expensive to do)
    The 7549–7009 predecessor to the first the first all titanium dive watch the 6159-002 and was the first quartz deep sea diver along with some other improvements to the 6159 This is contrary to what many believe was the first titanium dive watch designed by Porsche Design for IWC the Ocean 2000 which began production in 1982 the Seiko Golden Tuna predates the Ocean by 5 years. The Golden Tuna also made an appearance in the Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only” so if it’s good enough for James freakin’ Bond it’s good enough for me.

    (image from oceanic time)

    That being said the the IWC Ocean 2000 is a close second for me, it was also the first dive watch with a fully integrated titanium bracelet which is a huge engineering feat, especially with their unique design. But it was also a a really big challenge and I have read that the Ocean 2000 bracelet was redesigned no less than three times during the watches production run. As soon as I have the cash for it I'll buy an Ocean 2000 as well. Consider the 7549-7009 and Ocean 2000 were rival watches with similar technology I think it would be fun to have them both in a collection.

    So those are my two picks to throw into the mix for greatest titanium dive watch. I'd love to hear what you would pick!

    (thanks for the correction Denizen it is noted and amended)
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    Re: The greatest titanium dive watch ever built.... why?

    I Like the Oris TT1 diver, never owned one, but I think they are pretty cool.
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    Re: The greatest titanium dive watch ever built.... why?

    Oris Carlos Coste 2000m great watch (why did I sell mine)
    IWC Aquatimer ref. 3536 great classic IWC value with (for me) the right diver look.
    but when I think of it,it most be the GP Seahawk 3000m for me.(on bracelet offcouse)

    Sorry no pic.
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    Re: The greatest titanium dive watch ever built.... why?

    The Breitling Avenger Seawolf Titanium. End of.

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    Re: The greatest titanium dive watch ever built.... why?

    Omega Seamaster Titanium Chrono

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    Re: The greatest titanium dive watch ever built.... why?

    I was going to go with the GP Seahawk Pro.
    Lots of dive watches.

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    Re: The greatest titanium dive watch ever built.... why?

    Breitling Avenger Seawolf would be my choice.

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    Re: The greatest titanium dive watch ever built.... why?

    Photo credit: TakesAlickin

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    Re: The greatest titanium dive watch ever built.... why?

    breitling avenger seawolf titanium
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    Re: The greatest titanium dive watch ever built.... why?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhino-Ranch View Post
    Photo credit: TakesAlickin


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