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Thread: Most original (diving) designs of all time?

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    Re: Most original (diving) designs of all time?

    Omega Big Blue
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    Thanks Nick

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    Re: Most original (diving) designs of all time?

    Name:  ZODIACAD.jpg
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    Re: Most original (diving) designs of all time?

    Citizen Orca
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    Re: Most original (diving) designs of all time?

    Sinn U1 gets my vote. While some have original case design, the dials aren't very. Nothing ever looked like the U1's dial before it hit the market. And coming up with a different case is one thing, but submarine steel... a whole other way of thinking.
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    Re: Most original (diving) designs of all time?

    Seiko Tunas for sure. And of course the Ploprof. Yes, I believe Blancpain used the basic "Submariner" dial before Rolex. I actually own one Sub homage, the MKII Nassau, but am getting pretty tired of them myself. I don't see myself getting another one.

    Many dive watches are derivative of previous designs (not referring to homages), but with so many dive watches made over the years, it's hard to make an original design that doesn't have some similarities with something made in the past 50 years, intentional or not. I remember when the Prometheus S80 came out a couple years ago, and many here accused it of copying the Halios Laguna. Ironically, no one realized the Prometheus was actually an intentional homage to a dive watch from the 1960's, probably before Jason of Halios was even born. Go figure. And then there's the people here that think everything looks like a Submariner.
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    Re: Most original (diving) designs of all time?

    Some very unique designs here. Those Zodiacs are beautiful.

    That watch with a knife came right from Gravity's Rainbow, huh? A knife so close to a wrist doesn't look like a good idea.

    Also, there's an interesting article about diving watches here:
    The History Of Dive Watches | aBlogtoWatch

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    Re: Most original (diving) designs of all time?

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    I have to refrain from putting WTB verbiage in my signature...

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    Re: Most original (diving) designs of all time?

    Micros: h2o kalmar, armida a1, all tempest and halios
    Dive watch fanatic since 2010

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    Re: Most original (diving) designs of all time?

    None of these photos are mine (unfortunatley).
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    Re: Most original (diving) designs of all time?

    The Tuna is pretty unique when you consider the movement is unique as well not just any old Quartz in there.

    The ploprof is a another amazing watch when you consider the design process always been curious how Seiko would have produced a watch to that spec.

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