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    Re: Rolex vs Omega

    I would go with the one you like most, personally I prefer the omega unless you were going to go with the Sub-c.

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    Re: Rolex vs Omega

    I don't like mercedes hands so...
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    Re: Rolex vs Omega

    No one can advise you on which to get. Like I said earlier, I own both, and they are both the only watches I will never sell. The best thing to do is to go try both on and see which one speaks to you the best on the wrist.
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    Re: Rolex vs Omega

    Quote Originally Posted by Meetz1444 View Post
    Okay here is the question

    which diver watch is the better watch

    it is between the Rolex Submariner 14060

    and the Omega Seamaster Professional with the Ceramic bezel

    which one is it gonna be??
    Is this a question about which is a better dive watch or just a better watch? If the former, then it's the Rolex, if the latter then it is subjective.

    The Rolex is a superior diver watch for a few reasons

    1. Bezel design - I've owened the SMP (not C) and took it diving. The scalloped bezel is much harder to rotate in dive gloves than the Rolex bezel.

    2. Stainless Steel - Rolex uses 904l steel which is more corrosion resistant than the SMPC' 316l steel. This isn't subjective and, if you completely rinse your dive watch after each dive it may not matter in the long run but if you fail to rinse or just get unlucky the 904l is categorically superior for diving.

    3. Hand design - The Sword hands from Omeg's older models would be my choice here but between the Rolex Mercedes and Omega Skeleton hands the Mercesdes hands are much easier to read at a glace, I'm not sure one can argue that point. better legibility is superior as a tool watch.

    Aside from dive superiority the Rolex is also superior on value retention although if you buy both used you'll likely not loose much more on the Omega. All that said, I owned an Omega SMP and it was a reliable, well built watch that I couldn't find a ton of fault with for daily wear (aside from the skeleton hands, those are hard to read). If you want to compare the modern 300M in Ti against the Rolex then I'd probably give the edge to the Omega (only hesitation is real world longevity of the Coaxial but on paper its a better movement).
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    Re: Rolex vs Omega

    If bezel action is an important factor, go with the Rolex.

    Saying that despite the fact that I own the Omega and enjoy wearing it.

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    This thread needs more pictures. My amazing Seamaster is a beautiful piece.
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    Re: Rolex vs Omega

    I own both, I would choose the seamaster simply because of the design appeals to me more. It's my Grail watch. I think a part of me has the sub just because it's an icon and I love it too.

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    Re: Rolex vs Omega

    I own both. They are both good dive watches. I also wear my Seiko PADI Turtle a lot, go figure!

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    Re: Rolex vs Omega

    Tits or ass?

    I like 'em both. One is not better than the other....just somedays I'm in the mood for one over the other. But both are welcome in my home.

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    Re: Rolex vs Omega

    I have owned four different planet oceans from various years and last year bought a new submariner.

    The main thing that won me over was comfort -- the Rolex wins every time. Never looked back.

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