Show your Halios!
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Thread: Show your Halios!

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    Show your Halios!

    I am a big fan of Halios watches. Currently own 3 and would like to add a bluering at some point. So I am calling on Halios watch owners past and present to show off their pics. I'm not the best photographer but I know there are many on'em

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    Re: Show your Halios!

    Wow, you have a great herd of Halios there, and those are nice pics. I can't capture nice shot of my Tropik for nuttin'. That crystal needs some extra effort to combat the reflection, so no quickies

    I love the white dial Tropic!


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    Re: Show your Halios!

    I agree about Halios - Jason Lim puts out a great product. Currently I own this:

    Name:  20150529_195203-large.jpg
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    But have owned these in the past (yes, must point out again how devastated I am that I sold my Puck :():

    Name:  20140903_103148-large.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20140506_114600-large.jpg
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    My watch, not my picture - can't find any at the moment:
    Name:  photo1-3.jpg
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    Really love the look of the stainless Tropik and have always been interested in the Delfin. I'm also watching out for what Jason does with the Puck 1.5 (run of original sized Pucks with different dials and hands) and the Puck 2.0 (smaller version).

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    Re: Show your Halios!

    I don't own any right now, but I can attest to superbly top-notch customer service from Halios.

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    Re: Show your Halios!

    Perhaps 2mm bigger and it would have likely stayed. Great watches.

    Name:  Tropik_side2.jpg
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    Re: Show your Halios!

    You have a nice collection of Halios watches there. I have had a few of their watches and still own my 2 favorites. I am looking to ad the Deflin to the collection.

    Still own these 2 and love them..

    The group shot

    Gone but not forgotten

    I have never had a Halios watch I was disappointed in, Great watches and great company.
    "Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."


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    Re: Show your Halios!

    Tropik B and I love it very much

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    Re: Show your Halios!

    A lot of Halios' offerings were just too big for me, until the tropik b.

    One of my favorite watches!

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    Re: Show your Halios!

    I am eagerly awaiting another run of the tropic ss with a black dial.
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    Re: Show your Halios!

    My old Bluering. I'll have another Halios as soon as the next run of Tropiks is released.

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