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Thread: TUDOR BLACK BAY mod by DAGAZ watch

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    Rolling eyes TUDOR BLACK BAY mod by DAGAZ watch

    In case you haven't been over to the Seiko forum, Jake from Dagaz watch is helping to create a Seiko mod to capture the look of the Tudor Black Bay.

    Seiko Forum Black Bay

    Name:  tudor-heritage-black-bay-1.jpg
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    Name:  tudoe-homage-dial-1-AIR-DIVERs.jpg
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    Re: TUDOR BLACK BAY mod by DAGAZ watch

    i have always likedthe tudor look. This could bean interesting project. Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: TUDOR BLACK BAY mod by DAGAZ watch

    The lugs are unfortunately too short. It looks like a fun project and I'm sure it'll look good in the end, but a lot of Seiko 5's are prone to having short lugs if that's the base they are using. The Tudor has beautiful long lugs, giving it a nice elegant look. The Seiko may become the chubby adopted step sister.
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    Re: TUDOR BLACK BAY mod by DAGAZ watch

    I'm not a fan of the logo he uses either.
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    Re: TUDOR BLACK BAY mod by DAGAZ watch

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    Re: TUDOR BLACK BAY mod by DAGAZ watch

    I love the Black Bay and I'm all for making an affordable version. Unfortunately... Seiko doesn't really have a case that fits the shape well in my opinion.
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    Re: TUDOR BLACK BAY mod by DAGAZ watch

    I don´t think the intention is to produce a Replica of the Tudor but an Theme inspired Modd.
    Something like the Seiko FFF -again not that much mistakable with the Blancpain (at least to an WIS).

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    Re: TUDOR BLACK BAY mod by DAGAZ watch

    I'm up for an affordable version as well. I think the mock up looks great!

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    Re: TUDOR BLACK BAY mod by DAGAZ watch

    What's the base for this mod? SKX031? Or will he be fabricating cases as done for the Tsunami?

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    Re: TUDOR BLACK BAY mod by DAGAZ watch

    The base in the mockup is a SNZH (the FFF watch). Nothing is set in stone right now, as far as i know the discussion is going on.

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