UTS 4000 in the flesh WRIST & OTHER SHOTS ADDED
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Thread: UTS 4000 in the flesh WRIST & OTHER SHOTS ADDED

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    UTS 4000 in the flesh WRIST & OTHER SHOTS ADDED

    The UTS 4000, the latest creation of Nicolaus Spinner, arrived Tuesday, No. 22 of 200 and every bit as big as advertised. In fact, bigger. But more of that anon.

    First off, the watch is like no other that I have handled; it gives new meaning to the term "hunk of steel." It's advertised as 305 grams of stainless-steel case, bezel, lugs and bracelet, all brushed to perfection. It makes my other watches seem somehow lacking. Of course, all of this is a matter of taste. Some people like big watches made of titanium because of the lightness. Others like steel but not as much as this. I prefer stainless steel, big and heavy, so this one is right up my alley. As I've had the watch just a couple of days, I'm not going to make any sweeping pronouncements. Everything you read here is just one person's impression of a special timepiece.

    I suggest people click on the UTS link above for details about the Munich-based company, Herr Spinner's handiwork and the specifications of the watches whose cases he makes before assembling the whole thing. At 4000 meters of water resistance, this watch beats the Rolex DeepSea Sea-Dweller and most other dive watches out there, although it's not in the same league as the Swiss Military 20,000-foot watch. It's all overkill, but also a testament to man's ability to make things that go faster, fly higher and dive deeper. Nothing wrong with that, although there is a price to be paid. These watches aren't cheap, which will be a sticking point to those who note that the movement is the not-at-all-expensive ETA 2824-2.

    The UTS 4000 is advertised as 17.5mm thick, but my digital calipers put it at almost exactly 18mm. Watches of 18mm thickness are no longer rare, but the difference between this watch and, say, my Breitling Avenger Seawolf, is that there is no caseback on the UTS that sinks into the fleshy part of the wrist. It's a simple round case that rises without taper or contours of any kind until it reaches its full height. The 6mm sapphire crystal is flat. Only the unique, screwed-on lugs, the two crowns and the edges of the bezel break up the simplicity. Nothing superfluous. The same is true of the dial, which is quite plain but perfectly in keeping with the overall design.

    One of the crowns locks the 60-click bezel that is supersmooth. [The website explains.] My wrist is 6.7 inches and the bracelet fit with all removable links removed. I then used one step out of the ratcheting clasp for some breathing room. Those with smaller wrists are warned.

    I find the watch to be comfortable. There are no sharp edges, such as on the Aquadive 300, and the weight seems to be well-distributed. As all of my watches are big, I have developed a sense of how to avoid striking things with the watch head. Over the coming weeks, I can see myself wearing this watch a lot. As I grow more familiar with it, I'll post an update, so be sure to make a note on your calendar. Yeah, sure, Joe. Can't wait.

    Anyway, here are some photos for your edification. Feel free to comment, congratulate me, laugh at me or ignore me.

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    Re: UTS 4000 in the flesh

    Chunky and sexy at the same time. Congratulations.

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    Re: UTS 4000 in the flesh

    That's an amazing piece & superb photography!
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    Re: UTS 4000 in the flesh

    Beautiful watch Joe. Herr Spinner really improved the proportions of this in comparison to the 3000.

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    Re: UTS 4000 in the flesh

    That, my friend, is the definition of "ultimate tool watch".

    It's a damn sexy beast.

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    Re: UTS 4000 in the flesh

    killer hunk of steel

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    Re: UTS 4000 in the flesh

    Huge congrats Joe. Looks fantastic.

    I'd just like to add a couple of things:

    Despite their somewhat pedestrian nature, Herr Spinner only uses top grade movements and regulates each watch to five positions (and all come with a timing sheet).
    Spinner's cleverly-designed lugs allow the watches to sit very nicely on the wrist, despite their height.

    Fantastic photos, now I'm going to have to try this one on the bracelet.


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    Re: UTS 4000 in the flesh

    Really surprised to see how it wraps your wrist. Doesn't look as daunting as I expected. Nice.

    Kind Regards,
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    Re: UTS 4000 in the flesh

    Fantastic watch. Terrific pictures. Really helpful review. And MAN, does that thing sit well on your wrist. Having a 6.7" wrist myself, I'm very much looking forward to your next dispatch about this one...

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    Re: UTS 4000 in the flesh

    Love it !
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