Wrist fatigue?
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Thread: Wrist fatigue?

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    Wrist fatigue?

    So I was sitting in my chair today, free associating as I sometimes do after a beer or two, and I started wondering why some divers feel totally comfortable, and some make my arm ache.

    Obviously weight matters, but so does balance, taper and lug shape. Sometimes it's not obvious what makes it comfortable, and sometimes it's obvious that genius was at work.

    I have a moderate size wrist at 7-1/4", so I don't wear especially large watches (Largest is about 44mm Dia.) but I still have some remarkably heavy watches. A few don't make my wrist sore. Note that all have just about perfectly sized bracelets.

    Top of the list:

    Tudor NF: This is a substantial chunk of metal at 154g, but short lugs and a well designed tapered bracelet coupled with the ability to exactly center the clasp give it good balance. Never had any problem with wrist fatigue.

    Number 2:

    H2O Kalmar II on mesh: My heaviest watch at 202g, and also with longish lugs at 53mm and potentially top heavy at over 15 mm in thickness . This watch should not be comfortable, but it is. Good case back design, angled lugs, and well engineered strap connection points allow this watch to hug your wrist. Also, the mesh allows a lot of flexing, permitting a close fit without feeling tight.

    Number 3;

    Rolex Sub C: At 150g, it's the lightest of the ones listed, and it has by far the best bracelet which balances the head nicely. The sub is also the thinnest watch of this group. All of which work together to make up for uncompromising lugs which stick straight out.

    Damasko DK11 on bracelet:

    180g. The bracelet on this watch is massive and it counterbalances the also heavy watch. It has a butterfly clasp and in my case, it's perfectly centered. Additionally, the end links provide a bit angle to the lugs. However, there is no bracelet taper . The case back is nicely rounded and feels great against your wrist. However, the watch is tall and does not hug your wrist, so the bracelet can dig in a little.

    What large watches have you found to be very comfortable?

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    Re: Wrist fatigue?

    My bronze H2O is King of the Jungle. Agree it is very comfortable anyway.

    Titanium cures wrist fatigue.

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    Re: Wrist fatigue?

    The Seiko MM300 is a large watch. It felt heavy to me when I initially wore it and tired out my wrist. After wearing it awhile my arm strengthened and now I don't notice it. Guess it depends on how often you wear a heavier watch.

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    Re: Wrist fatigue?

    All mine are heavy. But some are more comfy than others. The marathon is probably the most fatiguing, my guess is due to the top heavy design. But generally I'm used to heavy watches and my arm tends to feel odd without one.

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    Re: Wrist fatigue?

    Very interesting topic Will ;)

    I should be sado-maso because I suffered from wrist pain wearing "not good wartches" for years LoL....

    First I noticed that having a larger size strap or bracelet, and it reduces (to me) the risk of wrist fatigue as it makes the wrist more stable and comfortable on the wrist. I am having a small wrist and 24mm is the idea size to me.

    Secondly: having a lot of big watching in size and weight (H2O, Steinhart, Seiko / Casio / Sunnto Dive computer watches). I noticed that for the same watch (even a big heavy one): I am having pain with some straps and perfectly OK with some others. Also to me it is really depending of the type of the strap (Croco strap for example: always super OK), and how the holes are punched on the strap, because 1mm short and the back case can hurt the wrist, and one 1mm too long and the crown might hurt the wrist.

    Lastly: I noticed that some watches I am super good on metal bracelet, and some others, I am better using straps.

    So to me it is a mix of all, and size or weight of the watch is not important. The matter is: to find the adequate strap / bracelet which will make the watch comfortable and stable on the wrist and you will never have wrist fatigues :)

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    Re: Wrist fatigue?

    I experience this when I wear my Breitling Seawolf for several days....weighs over 200 gms with the pro 3 steel bracelet.
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    Re: Wrist fatigue?

    Do two sets of 12oz curls a day, four reps each set, for two weeks and I guarantee you will be cured.
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    Re: Wrist fatigue?

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    UTS 4000m. 205gr, 305 on the bracelt. For me it comes down to size and particularly strap/bracelet. I generally wear isofrane, and pretty much everything is comfortable, besides the weight bracelets in general tend to dig in too much. I like the look though some sometimes a little pain is worth it :)
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    Re: Wrist fatigue?

    I'm a firm believer that any wrist fatigue is not so much the weight of a watch but more on how it fits, if the bracelet is tight NOT strangulation tight but tight enough to where it's a tad snug then for me that can make my wrist ache regardless of the initial weight of the watch itself, what I've found is if I have my bracelet or strap a wee bit loose to begin with that alleviates any fatigue, however when it is a tighter fitting then that is when I feel some Fatigue if any and I have owned some heavy duty monsters with real heft, and worn them without any problems whatsoever.
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    Re: Wrist fatigue?

    Quote Originally Posted by GunWale View Post
    Do two sets of 12oz curls a day, four reps each set, for two weeks and I guarantee you will be cured.
    Thats what I do - But with beer...
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