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    Yema SUPERMAN dive watches

    Hello everyone. I've always been a watch collector but now I'm starting to learn more about quality and history and looking to turn my collection into investing.

    I do want to wear them occasionally so I wanted my first investment watch to be an all around durable and cool wearer. I was thinking about Divers and found a French series by a company called Yema that are fairly well priced and have an excellent history.

    I suppose the "Superman" was the best offered. When looking for one though, I'm not sure what would be the most desirable of the Superman models. There also seem to be models by Le Jour and other makers. Any input? A few seem to be available on eBay at the moment but I'll probably wait to learn more myself before making my purchase.

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    Anyone out there know anything about this company or these watches? There's very little I can find available on the net and nobody really discussing quality or preference between the models.

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    Re: Yema SUPERMAN dive watches

    Go to the original website? Use Google Translate.

    Some old discussions here.

    Introducing the Yema Watch Company of France

    Yema - ?History?


    Anyone ever heard of a Watch brand called Yema ?


    I vaguely recall a discussion on a thread somewhere watch related on the Yema Superman Quartz. That's what sparked my interest in looking at these watches and the company. I've remembered the name since then. While the modern watches are good, the vintage ones seem to be more interesting.

    Sorry I'm not of much help. I would think you would need to go to a French watch forum and ask around there. They should have more information.
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    Re: Yema SUPERMAN dive watches

    What do you mean by "investing"? Buying watches and hoping they go up in value?

    This generally doesn't work.

    And buying very obscure brands almost certainly doesn't work.
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    Re: Yema SUPERMAN dive watches

    Tanjecterly already linked some valuable pages about the current brand and model.
    So, nothing else to add from my side.

    In fact I am collecting vintage watches.
    And in that segment, YEMA was the shooting star of 2016, meaning every one wanted to have a "Superman", "Daytona", "Navygraf" and "Rallygraf Formica" and especially the "Yachtingraf".
    As a consequence also prices for those vintage models literally exploded (e.g. value increase for a "Daytona" from 2015 to 2016: from 500 EUR to 1500 EUR, "Yachtingraf" from 1000 EUR to 4500 EUR, etc).

    These old watches are absolutely amazing, since Yema always successfully managed to add something special to their diver watches or chronographs, And I am happy that I bought some of their vintage models before the price explosion.
    As you stated correctly, a lot of the Yema models were also distributed with different brand names like "LeJour" (US market), "Eisenhardt" (maybe Northern Europe), etc
    While LeJour models faced the same price increase like Yema, other brandings are still quite affordable.

    So if you want to gain a deeper insight into the history of Yema and the highly sought after vintage models please check

    Yema - Regatta Yachttimers

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