Cases designed for multiple movements

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    Cases designed for multiple movements

    Hi gang, first post here....

    While learning about assembling watches from purchased parts, I've learned that the ETA 2836 and 2824 movements have stem heights that vary by .5mm and I'm troubled by something: Some cases are being sold as being useable with both movements. I'm not understanding how this is possible.

    I purchased a submariner styled case that (by the description) could take a 2824, 2836, DG3804B, .... etc. I had a DG3804B in it but now I have an ETA 2824 and tried to put them together. The movement will not set right and it's easy to see that the stem height is different from the crown tube.

    So my question is, how do they get away with saying their case will work with all these movements when I can clearly see that it will not? And, can anything be done to to make the movement work?


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    Re: Cases designed for multiple movements

    there's often a plastic movement holder between a movement and case
    maybe by using a different holder you can accommodate for different heights

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    Re: Cases designed for multiple movements

    Wouldn't where the movement floats in the case be dependent on the dial and back spacer?

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