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    Design Competition for a Custom Watch

    Hi everyone

    i have a thread in the public forum about me having a damaged watch but that i would like to have a custom case and watch face for it.
    i was advised that if i'm having a design competition i should have it on the watch design thread.

    • The mechanism of the damaged watch is a tourbillon and in your design i would like the tourbillon to be visible from the front.
    • I would like the watch to have an interesting case (nothing over the top, just something different).
    • I want a place where a numeral would be to have a circle with a black crescent in front of it made out of thin slices of rock (so it looks like the crescent moon with another planet in the background) similar to my photoshop.
    • The designs should be fairly detailed and i would really like them to be 3d renders but a detailed 2d design will also be accepted and a person can submit multiple designs.
    • In my rough example design i have an engraved lunar landscape as the dial because i like astonomy and i wanted the watch to sort of have an 'out of this world' theme but you guys can surprise me with your designs as long as it's unique.
    • I’d like the place where the numbers would be to have different coloured diamonds, they’ll be fake when the watch gets made and if they don’t look good at that place you can choose to put the diamonds wherever you want but it isn't necessary to have the gems in your design (I’ve been fascinated by gems, especially the rare ones like coloured diamonds).

    Finally the watch has to be beautiful (it should look like something that would cost a couple hundred thousand dollars).

    As for choosing the winner i think we could do a poll to choose the top 5 and then me and the moderators would choose the winner.

    The prize will be $200 US Dollars and the competition will last 1 month, beginning on the 21st of April with the winner being announced 1 week later

    This is my rough design that i did in photoshop, the one on the right has the optional 'diamonds' that i talked about in the final bullet point.

    if you have any queries or if i've missed out anything just send me a message

    Good Luck
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    Re: Design Competition for a Custom Watch

    Jerome kinda comes to mind with this....

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