Reposted here based on request in the Chinese Mechanical Watch sub-forum.
I'm just going to throw it out there and see what you guys think. This is of course a very crude mock-up of a proposed watch design.

Suggested case, as shown (but without the pushers), is 316L, 43 mm wide, 10.8 mm thick, 22 mm lugs, screw down case back and crown, sapphire crystal with AR. Considering hand wound mechanical Sea-Gull movement, 3600, with sub-seconds at 6 o'clock, may or may not have display back, would depend on level of decoration of movement. Is there any point having a skeleton movement if you can only see through a display back? Do you think this would look good with a stainless steel mesh bracelet?

Do you like, not like, let me know. Don't worry, I have a thick skin! :)

BTW, I am French Canadian, raised on the West Coast of Canada in Vancouver, BC. I am going for a mix of French style, classic style, and being up-front about the manufacturing, I am considering having these watches made by Chinese companies (obviously, given my choice in sub-forum), and as shown on the dial (mouvement chinois). You will note the 100 m WR, I want it to be more rugged and useful than a typical dress watch with barely 30 m WR. There will also be lume on hands and minute marks, and I'm considering a rotating bezel with just a single lume pip and maybe 5 minute or quarter hour marks (no numbers). Somehow I think this could be a nice feature, use it for timing my parking. :)

Anyway, again, just putting it out there for some feedback. Fire away!

David (soopah)
Please note that the blue grid was for design placement purposes only and will not be on the actual dial. I am considering a silvery metallic dial with gloss black text, or a purely white dial (like enamel look) with gloss black text, or a light blue silver dial (the blue of the grid actually doesn't look too bad to me right now). Hands and hour markers could be metallic, 3d raised for the markers, in perhaps a dark gunmetal, or just gloss black. Not sure which components to add lume to, or if at all???