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    Need Description

    I am looking for detailed descriptions of the follow watches. They are all from the 1990's. My husbands watch collection was stolen and we are looking for as much description and pictures.

    Citizen JJ0084-07J Mens Chron/WR Alarm model # may be #30-7XXX, JMOXXX, Cal. No C20. C480.T011

    Citizen Eco Drive CTZ-A8121 BTO***/Cal. No. E31*

    Seiko Quartz Analogue Cal. 5T52 World Time alarm

    Thank you,

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    Re: Need Description

    I am very confused, my wife just bought me one of the watches you are referring to for christmas. The CTZ-A8121 BTO***/Cal. No. E31*. I am trying to decide rather or not I want it or not and was just trying to find pictures of it etc. and compare things on the internet. Wife is keeping it from me till christmas! She was told that it was a brand new watch and that they'd just got it in...I have searched every single citizen dealer store online including the official website and I see no information regarding this watch and no signs that anyone is selling it. Is it really a watch that was made in the 1990's? I only got to see it for a few moments but its got a black dial with gold hands on it...and a unique looking metal band that really makes it stand out.

    Please send me a message or email me if you can help answer any of my questions, and I may be able to answer some of yours as well!

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