My new Deep Ocean Diver from NIVREL
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Thread: My new Deep Ocean Diver from NIVREL

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    My new Deep Ocean Diver from NIVREL


    today I will show you my new NIVREL Deep Ocean Diver.

    Here is the Paket I get from NIVREL
    Name:  ausgepackt2.jpg
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    And so it looks

    Name:  gesamtpaket4.jpg
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    from side

    Name:  uhrfront5.jpg
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    other side
    Name:  uhr7.jpg
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    the Carbon Dial
    Name:  zeiger13.jpg
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    the Brezel
    Name:  luenetteglas11.jpg
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    the Crown
    Name:  krone11.jpg
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    the Backside
    Name:  deckel9.jpg
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    the Brancelet with Diver extension
    Name:  schliee10.jpg
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    crewed bracelet, I must 3 remove for my wrist (17,5cm)
    Name:  bandkuerzen17.jpg
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    in the Case are two holes for the metal brancelet is the down hole, for the Diver Strap is the high hole
    Name:  zweiloecher23.jpg
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    I buy two extra Straps a Nato and a Carbon Strap
    here on Nato
    Name:  nato25.jpg
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    on wrist
    Name:  wristnato26.jpg
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    the Carbonstrap
    Name:  wristcarbon22.jpg
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    the Rubber

    Name:  kautschuckband18.jpg
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    the Rubber on wrist
    Name:  wristkautschuk20.jpg
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    and Metal
    Name:  wristedelstahl24.jpg
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    Name:  do.jpg
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    and in Deko
    Name:  do.jpg
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    last Foto is a double Macro
    Name:  zbmakro.jpg
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    hope you enjoy this watch and Fotos.

    For more Infos about NIVREL please check the HP: NIVREL

    some Details:

    Ref-Nr: 119 N 145.001 CASMB

    I use Google Translator from German to English!!

    In relation to the water tightness of the limit of the capacity of the new Deep Ocean is 50 ATM ie 500 meters. This is a scuba diver like me (PADI Master Scuba Diver) is sufficient.

    For the necessary robustness of the housing ensures that the use of stainless steel alloy 316L. The case is brushed and has a diameter of 43mm without crown and 46mm with crown, the height is only 13mm. The distance from horn to horn is 50 mm. The sapphire glass has a thickness of 2.3 mm and a hardness of 9 Mohs (Mohs hardness of sapphire). The glass is not anti-reflective coating. The grip crown is secured by a beautiful rounded crown protection against impact. No frills to present the back of the clock. Only a few dates and the name and serial number can be found here. Weight of the clock as I wear them with short-Steel Volume 174 grams

    The beautifully serrated grip bezel of the Deep Ocean is designed to measure the dive time and for this purpose with a rotating mechanism with 120 clicks equipped with the start time of the dive is marked. For safety, the bezel only be turned counter-clockwise. Should it be adjusted unintentionally during the dive, the selected start time is always accessible from the actual. So that it can be read at night dives or in darkness, a luminous point in the triangle is embedded with C1.

    The Deep Ocean is driven by an automatic movement caliber ETA 2824-2, in the Quality Level (Quality Execution standard Antichoc Incabloc, Decoration execution 5N, ie. The beautiful yellow variety, since the clock does not have a glass bottom, was here on a specially decorated rotor omitted) one of the most popular movements in general. It is considered accurate, robust and reliable and is used by watchmakers NIVREL precisely adjusted and integrated into the overall product. It represents the hours, minutes, central second with seconds stop and a date display ready with quick set date.

    On the noble and sporty carbon dial, applied indexes and also find the Arabic numbers with luminous C1 are provided as well as the beautiful sword hands and the second point of the second hand. The date is on the 3 clock position and on the glass over the date magnifier with the magnification of the lens about 5-fold.

    It is this mixture makes for me the attraction. Applied indexes as you also point eg Rolex, Omega, or other hard stone can be found. Applied Arabic numerals as they can be found for example in the Longines Hydro Conquest. Sword-like hands, for example, in the SMP. Sporty elegant carbon dial as it can also be found for example in the NauticFish.

    There are many designs here, for me, known to combine and therefore make this face and thus the Clock unique.

    The screw with the clock supplied massive steel band is 22mm wide at the body and tapering to buckle in 18mm, it has (11volle and 4 half terms) and has a clasp (fine adjustment of 4 holes) with an additional bracket with NIVREL engraving, and a fold-massive diving extension for supporting the Clock over a diving suit. This NIVREL delivers a sporty rubber strap each Clock with engraved buckle, which fits perfectly to the edge of the clock case. To change the tape at will to a spring bar tool in the package of new Deep Ocean is included.

    The price of this package is fair € 675.00 (including 19% tax)

    Thanks for looking and Feedback

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    Re: My new Deep Ocean Diver from NIVREL

    Congrats with your Deep Ocean. Nivrel is still underestimated here on WUS.
    Kind regards
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    Re: My new Deep Ocean Diver from NIVREL

    Sehr schön, and your pictures are quite attractive as well!

    I especially like the look of your watch on that rubber strap

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    Re: My new Deep Ocean Diver from NIVREL

    Not a dive watch fan, but it's a Nivrel.

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    Re: My new Deep Ocean Diver from NIVREL

    Thanks Guys for Feedback

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    Re: My new Deep Ocean Diver from NIVREL

    Very nice match with the NATO. Looks great, enjoy.


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    Re: My new Deep Ocean Diver from NIVREL

    very nice under-rated watch.

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    Re: My new Deep Ocean Diver from NIVREL

    Thanks again Guys

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    Re: My new Deep Ocean Diver from NIVREL

    Very cool pictures!

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    Re: My new Deep Ocean Diver from NIVREL

    I don't normally like carbon fiber dials but that looks really good. Thats a nice looking watch.

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