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    My New Old Berg Parat

    Hi all,
    I'm new to this forum and also to collecting. I have several nice watches, but just recently managed to pick up a small Berg Parat manual wind mens watch with expanding bracelet. Very fine crafting on the dial and attention to detail is super. The watch if very well crafted and as far as i am aware it dates back to some time in the 50's

    It would appear to my untrained eye that the crown has been replaced or appears to not be original and in keeping with the rest of the subtle design of the watch. The crown appears a long distance out and doesnt sit in the machined out space as you can see in the photos attached. Is there anyone here who can advise me if my thoughts are correct and if so if it is possible to get a part more in keeping with the watch, and original spare or something similar to what it may have originally been.
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    Re: My New Old Berg Parat

    Hello Steve,

    Welcome to watchuseek, and thank you for posting the photos of your Berg.

    While I can not explain about the crown replacement, most ETA documents
    specify the crown space should be at most 0.1 mm to prevent movement
    damage if the crown is hit. I guess that supports your statement that the
    crown has been replaced. I suggest posting the crown replacement question
    in the Watchmaking forum.


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    Re: My New Old Berg Parat

    Thanks very much for that I shall post in the forum and see what it yields.


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