SINN U1 or UTS 1000V2?
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Thread: SINN U1 or UTS 1000V2?

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    SINN U1 or UTS 1000V2?

    Both of these watches are overbuilt to my needs.....if you think it's just a matter of personal preference, then that's great. If you think that one has a distinct advantage over the other, I'd appreciate your input. Or if you have opinions SINN vs UTS, that would be welcome information.

    I will say that I prefer a bracelet, so if one has a nicer bracelet than the other, that matters.

    There are lots of watch brands out there, but I am leaning towards the smaller companies with more personal customer service. I prefer conservative, understated quality, which naturally drew me to the Germans. I also considered Stowa, but I prefer the style of these 2 watches a bit more.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    UTS .. it's different !!! .. Steel is better than Ti .. And it's bracelet is gorgeous and a great fit .
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    Re: SINN U1 or UTS 1000V2?

    Hello Ron,

    Both watches are well made.

    The UTS case has a craftsman appearance that looks like you could
    make it at home if you were good, except you couldn't. The surface
    finish looks like it was done on a surface grinder. The lugs angle
    down to put the spring bars pretty low. The UTS tends to rest in a
    stable, comfortable position on the wrist. With a thicker case back
    and straighter lugs the U1 tends to move around more on the wrist.

    Of course it is personal preference, but I prefer the style of the U1.
    The bit of color gives it an appeal that seems to last. In this case for
    me the style wins out. I favor the U1 SDR.


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    Re: SINN U1 or UTS 1000V2?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nishant View Post
    Steel is better than Ti
    The Sinn isn't Ti.

    I have a Sinn U1, and judging only by the pictures the UTS is shinier, dressier, more attention-grabbing. I really like those lugs too - very unique.

    For the UTS I didn't see anything about tegimenting or anything unique about the alloy, which means the U1 would get the nod for durability.

    Not sure how much that matters since both are over-engineered beyond anything that a normal mortal will put a watch through. Seems like a straightforward taste decision to me.
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    Re: SINN U1 or UTS 1000V2?

    I have had the U1 and 4 different UTSs. That said here are my impressions:

    1. The Sinn wears better day to day, and the metal link bracelet is slightly more comfortable than the UTS. That said the Sinn's rubber strap with folding buckle is super comfortable and looks better in my opinion.
    2. The Sinn's bezel is beed blasted and made of hardened steel, it simply doesn't scratch. The brushed SS of the UTS will show marks much more easily.
    3. The Sinn looks more "tactical" and sometimes not "dressy" enough if you work in an office.
    4. Both are equally good watches, extremely well made, etc. I would have to give the fit and finnish award to UTS though, you can really see the care taken in machining each piece of steel to fit together perfectly.
    5. You will be happy with either, but I am less of a fan of the UTS on the bracelet.

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    Good luck either way, you can't go wrong with either.

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    Re: SINN U1 or UTS 1000V2?

    Thanks all for your help...I am leaning towards the UTS.....


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    Re: SINN U1 or UTS 1000V2?

    I've had 3 UTS and still have my 2000. I also have a U1 W. It is really up to personal taste. They are both very nice tool watches and wear well. The UTS attracts more attention and if that is a concern, go with the U1. The UTS will also show scratches more with its polished ss surfaces. You should be happy with whichever you choose as long as you like wearing large diver watches.
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