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Rare and rarefied are those who can afford to indulge in $10,000 +++ watches. Yet despite the fact that high-end luxury watches are aimed at the elite 0.5% of the watch buying public, there is surprisingly vast depth in choice. Naturally, the higher North of $10,000 you climb, the more precious you can expect the metals and the materials to be. The movement is likely to be manufacture made, expertly embellished, polished and often hand decorated to the manufacture’s exacting demands, and extremely intricate with sometimes hundreds of individual parts. Certain luxury watches will wish to prove to you their outstanding quality with the Seal of Geneva, which specifies that the movement was entirely made in the Canton of Geneva. This is not a must have for a luxury watch, but it is certainly a nice to have, and is always a sign of a true quality piece. These are some of the high-end pieces we found impressive and particularly eye catching at this year’s show.

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