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    Found a Classic 809 Cosmonaute

    Good day! Recently found our grand father's watch (Breitling 809 Cosmonaute Twin Jets/no bracelet) Just want to ask if theres still hope in reviving this piece. We are from Manila, Philippines by the way and our only authorized Breitling center in the country told us to just send it to Switzerland. Any thoughts?
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    Found a Classic 809 Cosmonaute

    from the few poor photos you have provided, it looks to be in very rough shape, but at least everything presents as original. We'd have to see more detail to be certain, but the case looks unpolished/un-brushed, so that is a bonus. My biggest concern would be the green inside the dial, because coming from a tropical country, this might indicate moisture ingress, which could affect the movement too.

    Do not send this to Breitling because they will replace all the original parts with service parts and polish the case so it looks brand new, which is not what you or any collector would want. I'd suggest trying to find a sympathetic and trustworthy vintage watchmaker who can have a look at the movement. If that is able to be serviced, then all I would suggest is clean it up as best as possible, but leaving the look as original as possible. The sub dial hands probably can't be reused, but getting a replacement set shouldn't be too difficult.

    I warn you that this will cost a reasonable amount and take some time to complete. If you are not willing to go that far, then you can keep it in a drawer as it is as a momento of your grand father. If that is not what you want, then you could sell it on eBay, where you will probably get little more than parts value for it. By the way, if you do take it to a watchmaker to open, make sure to get some decent close up photos, especially of the movement and inside of the caseback, as this is what potential buyer will want to see.
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    Re: Found a Classic 809 Cosmonaute

    Jesus, where was it stored, Mt. Pinatbou?

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