Omega DeVille Prestige Automatic w/ Small Review
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Thread: Omega DeVille Prestige Automatic w/ Small Review

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    Omega DeVille Prestige Automatic w/ Small Review

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    I love this watch (4875.31.01). I actually walked into my AD looking to spend triple the cost of this watch for Hour Vision Annual Calendar (8601 cal.) but my small wrist made this watch the most attractive that I put on. Looks great on me. Very balanced. Doesn't shout but looks stunning. This is co-axial with the 2500 calibre and it is super accurate. Tested over my 3rd,4th, and 5th months of ownership with a camera for testing accuracy it was consistent at a rate of +10 seconds / month. This is a lot better than my Seamaster 300m which is +5/+6 a day.

    I wanted to post this because I think this Prestige could use a little more prestige. Sadly, I think they've been discontinued as I only see the quartz version online. I think they are eliminating the mid-size "Prestige" and moving to "Prestige Co-Axial" and "Co-Axial Chronometer" which are bigger. Omega's stupid naming scheme as all three have the same look, are co-axial, and are chronometers. I almost didn't buy it because I couldn't find barely any reviews on it, but did because it was the watch I liked the most. So for those who are considering a similar watch or maybe a 2500 calibre I have to say that I'm more than pleased with mine.
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    Re: Omega DeVille Prestige Automatic w/ Small Review

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    Re: Omega DeVille Prestige Automatic w/ Small Review

    That is a beauty! Now that must be the 34.4mm size. I like that size very much. Although I have a medium size wrist, 7.5in. I am really partial to the smaller watches. The Prestige Small Seconds is my favourite of the non-quartz models available at the moment.

    I really like your choice of dial on that one. I was taking a look at the Omega website, and it seems that dial is not available on the quartz model.

    Excellent accuracy on that one as well.

    My Seamaster 300M is the 36.25mm mid size model, and I'm glad that Omega seems to be keeping that size around. Although it would be nice to have a smaller size in the dressier De Ville models. I am presently looking at the Aqua Terra mid size at 38.5mm, and that seemed to be an ideal size when I tried it on.

    Maybe you could post a wrist shot as well when you get the chance.

    Congratulations on that beautiful watch, and thanks for posting the interesting review.

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    Re: Omega DeVille Prestige Automatic w/ Small Review

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    Here's a wrist shot. I've mostly wear this watch everyday. Unfortunately, since I will be traveling for more than a year, I am going to send this one back to my parents for safe keeping and wearing my 300M. Couldn't stand to lose it.

    I really like those new mid-size Aqua Terras. I really want to get the one with the blue face.

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    Re: Omega DeVille Prestige Automatic w/ Small Review

    That's a very classy watch and I think you're right: perhaps they don't get all the attention that - IMHO - deserve.
    Congrats and thanks for sharing your experience with this timepiece.
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    Re: Omega DeVille Prestige Automatic w/ Small Review

    Gorgeous. Big fan of the DeVille line.

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    Re: Omega DeVille Prestige Automatic w/ Small Review

    If I didn't view your thread, I wouldn't know Omega offers De Ville Prestige Co-Axial 36.5mm as well!!! I tried the 39.5mm on my 6.5", It seems a tad big on me. I'd think this 36.5mm is perfect for me. It seems to be a good size on you. Would you mind tell me what is the size of your wrist?

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    Re: Omega DeVille Prestige Automatic w/ Small Review

    Beautiful watch! My my wife bought me the SMP a week ago for my 40th and I showed her the De Ville's and said that it would be my next purchase- not allowed until I make Captain(fire department), a little wait.
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    Re: Omega DeVille Prestige Automatic w/ Small Review

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    After 18 months i write this lines in order to thank snkTab for his review,
    that helped me to decide which ONE to peak.
    Here's mine.

    i only want to add this, if relevant (statistics sake):

    calibre is the D variation of the 2500: no problems so far. :P
    first 6 months use: +4seconds / day.
    now with 16 months use: +1 seconds / day.

    Very satisfied.
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