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  22. Vertical or Peak
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  32. Need Core All Black Military Bezel
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  34. Serial number question
  35. SUUNTO Core Crush settings for maximum battery life?
  36. Need help with SSWHR updating watch..
  37. Suunto Spartan Nato or Nylon Strap
  38. Custom Traverse
  39. Ambit 3 BT problem with S7 Edge
  40. Suunto Core on non Suunto straps
  41. SSU/SSWHR Footpods What do you use?
  42. Possible to pair Traverse to both Android and iOS?
  43. Connecting Spartan WHR and Ultra to Movescount mobile app?
  44. STOLEN! - Traverse Alpha Stealth :-(
  45. Testement to the owner here
  46. Core baro question
  47. Altimeter on Core?
  48. Add screens (for the following info: Temperature, Baro Pressure, etc)
  49. Ambit3 Peak Saphire (HR) - very inaccurate GPS when using POI
  50. Any downside to choosing the Traverse Alpha over the 'non-alpha' Traverse?
  51. Core black discoloring help
  52. Military Suunto with Positive Display recommendations?
  53. sapphire glass replacement
  54. Which style core do you prefer?
  55. Type of Suunto watch from image posted?
  56. How accurate is the core barometer?
  57. Some Pre Purchase Advice Please;
  58. Suunto Core all Black 2012 Belt Alternative
  59. Battery Life / Longevity?
  60. Eye Candy: Suunto core all black
  61. Core positive display with all black bezel?
  62. Is the core still relevant?
  63. Ambit3 2.4.17
  64. Suunto Spartan Ultra Straps
  65. Charging Suunto Ambit using battery bank...
  66. Sunnto Spartan firmware update 1.9.36
  67. Seventh Suunto on its way...
  68. You "old timers" will remember that seven years ago to the day >>
  69. Performance level
  70. Suunto Wrist HR -- can't get Ascent/Descent working?
  71. Ambit3 Vertical Glitch - Can Other Owners Replicate This
  72. Spartan Ultra firmware update 1.9.36
  73. Traverse or Ambit3 Peak
  74. Suunto vs. Garmin Calorie Count
  75. Suunto Ambit3 move does not sync with movescount.
  76. Ambit3 Peak Sapphire Tone Volume
  77. Suunto Ambit3 Peak Dead Screen
  78. Negative Display on the Brushed Steel Core
  79. Went to the dark side
  80. Suunto Traverse Alpha - Good authorized retailer???
  81. Movescount for A3 Peak does not pair to Samsung S7 Edge...
  82. Multiple Pairing Android Movescount?
  83. Suunto HR Smart Sensor Internals
  84. Suunto Thurgau "Submariner" from 1980s
  85. Core gasket size
  86. D6i Zulu Stealth and Custom Ambit3 Vertical in the mail
  87. Traverse Alpha - Strap options
  88. X-Lander no light - entire screen goes blank when activated
  89. Suunto Smart Belt stopped working
  90. How do i use Fusedalto on Ambit 3 Peak?
  91. Notifications
  92. Core light black very very dim- actually fixed
  93. Ambit 3 peak
  94. Suunto Spartan bike sensors
  95. New Balance Minimus 10v1
  96. Got A Fenix 5x For $127.20 At Bestbuy
  97. Kind of a nitpicky question on the Suunto HRM
  98. Advice re traverse/ambit vertical/ambit 3
  99. Picked up a new Traverse today!
  100. Training At High Heart Rates
  101. Hiking first time
  102. Suunto App Developer - GPS_STATE
  103. Is spartan stable for changing ambit 3 peak
  104. Very Sad Ueli Steck RIP
  105. Mobile sync is slow
  106. Traverse Alpha: GPS shows low total distance when hiking
  107. Ambit3 Peak HR compatibility Bose Soundsport Pulse
  108. Ambit 3 step and calories on Movescount??
  109. Does GLONASS Work On The Spartan Now?
  110. Haven't worn this in awhile
  111. Separate speed and cadence sensor at same time?
  112. Hi from new member with Traverse Alpha Foliage on the way
  113. Suunto Core Barometer Function Flatlining...
  114. Help with accessing contrast menu please
  115. Help with Suunto core start up
  116. Reviving DOA Suunto Vector
  117. Screen Protector for Spartan Series?
  118. Spartan Ultra/Sport Firmware update 1.8.26
  119. I Think I Fixed My Heart
  120. Suunto core resetting
  121. Spartan Sport Wrist HR Or Fenix 5
  122. Data in logbook of Ambit3 but cannot export to Movescount
  123. Altimeter and Temperature Issues
  124. Suunto Survey Request
  125. Quick First Impressions of Spartan Ultra
  126. Ambit3 Sport for Tri
  127. Ambit3 Peak: charging on the run
  128. Movescount app issues - Ambit 3 Peak
  129. Picked up Spartan Ultra
  130. Just bought a Core, got some questions.
  131. Moveslink2 not installable
  132. Two Different Alpha Traverse's With The Same Movescount App?
  133. Suunto offer to replace Ambit 1 with Ambit 3 - Good Deal?
  134. Thinking Of The Spartan Ultra
  135. Looking for watch travel / portable box
  136. Spartan Ultra/Sport Firmware update 1.7.30
  137. Ambit3 not syncing certain activities and VERY poor Customer Services
  138. SUUNTO TRAVERSE ALPHA barometric pressure bags
  139. My First Actaul Official Trail Run
  140. Ambit2 compatible with iPhone?
  141. Milestone pods
  142. Trail Running (Power Walking)
  143. New watch faces for SSU
  144. Moveslink Problem with Surface Pro 3 Since Last Year
  145. Suunto Movescount Weather log request
  146. Traverse Alpha fw 2.0.18 screen issue
  147. Suunto Alpha Traverse, foliage green or black?
  148. Auto interval in swiming profile SSU
  149. SSU: What do you like about this watch?
  150. Interesting video regarding Spartan
  151. New AMBIT 3 Peak user: some questions
  152. Strap for Suunto Lumi?
  153. is it too early to by SSU
  154. Traverse - Battery problems
  155. Ambit 3: follow route and track distance/time at the same time?
  156. Traverse Hard Reset!?
  157. Interesting Comparison
  158. Questions about bike sensors
  159. Which watch is Kilian J wearing here?
  160. Spartan Ultra/Sport Firmware update 1.6.14
  161. JaysAndKays Lug Kit Question
  162. Can you help me with this Altitude/Barometer setting business?
  163. Suunto X10 stops handshaking with GPS satellites
  164. Does anybody know how vertical oscillations are measured when running?
  165. Suunto Core All Black top ring
  166. Show off your custom Suunto
  167. New Traverse Owner ~ need user help. especially POI
  168. Scosche Rhythm+ oHR and Ambit 2
  169. IOS App graphs
  170. Suunto Ambit 1 2 3 DIY replacement of watch crystal
  171. Experience&question for A3P to SSU switch user
  172. Kailash Wall Charger Option?
  173. Is there a single heart rate strap for readouts on two different Bluetooth devices?
  174. Non Suunto HR monitor for Ambit3
  175. core
  176. Like to purchase Kailash
  177. Workouts on the A3P or A3V
  178. Trouble updating/creating Suunto apps in Movescount
  179. SPARTAN SPORT with Wrist HR
  180. Suunto Spartan Ultra - Declination Bug?
  181. Garmin Fenix 5X
  182. Training Stress Score (TSS) App
  183. ambit3 sport and swim, problems and difficulties
  184. Suunto Ambit2 has got to be one of the most uncomfortable watches ever invented
  185. ambit 3 and training program
  186. what use for ambit 3?
  187. New Core owner here
  188. I Can't Believe I'm Such A Freaking Idiot!!!
  189. Ambit 3 Peak Or Fenix 3 HR
  190. Suunto OTS & SKMEI Homages
  191. App to Web Page problems
  192. MOD: Dial and notch indicator color change
  193. Traverse Alpha vs Elementum Terra
  194. Traverse Alpha Strap Color
  195. Suunto Sent Survey
  196. Spartan Ultra/Sport Firmware update 1.6.10
  197. Suunto Essential vs Core
  198. Is the Core still worth it?
  199. Suunto Traverse & Suunto Traverse Alpha Software Update 2.0.18 (12/15/16)
  200. Suunto Spider
  201. Would you recommend Spartan
  202. Ambit3 Peak GPS and Elevation data issues
  203. Suunto Spartan Ultra Accuracy Off
  204. inally dropped the hammer - Traverse Alpha
  205. Ambit3 Peak Strap
  206. Suunto Core All Black on Massdrop
  207. Notifications
  208. Strava integration
  209. Movesense
  210. Suunto Ambit 3 Peak Firmware update 2.4.1 (2016/12/01)
  211. Suunto Ambit Nato Strap Adaptor
  212. Ideas of new moon age app
  213. Cyber Monday Deals on Traverse Alpha
  214. Still Using my T4C but want something newer, but must have (real time monitor software)
  215. Setting the altimeter based on the sea level
  216. 501 moves since 4-14-2014
  217. Is now the right time to buy?
  218. Trouble to sync workout to Ambit3 peak
  219. How to turn on Fusedalti on A3P
  220. Suunto Traverse Alpha internal memory question
  221. suunto ambit3 peak sapphire
  222. Lets Take A Break From Complaining And Share Our Moves
  223. Anyone here who say's "i love my SSU and it works very well for training"?
  224. Questions About The Ambit3 Virtical
  225. Help Me Decide
  226. Suunto Spartan Firmware update 1.4.6 (2016/11/10)
  227. Does the Ambit3 sync satellite data from the iPhone app?
  228. Ambit3 (possibly Ambit2 & 1 too) - GPS accuracy and navigation
  229. 3rd party Heart Rate belt paired to Suunto Ambit 3 Peak
  230. New alpha and can't get moveslink to work??
  231. New Training Insights- Movescount
  232. Can anyone help me identify my VERY unusual 1999 Suunto..?
  233. Ambit 3 Peak - FusiAlti questions / clarifications
  234. Suunto Spartan Trainer
  235. Suunto Ambit3 Vertical or Traverse?
  236. Ambit3 Vertical - Can it record altitude log without GPS?
  237. Ambit 3 Peak Activity monitoring: recoreded kcal over night without moving the watch
  238. Whats the difference between Alpha Foliage and the Stealth ??
  239. Spartan Trainer
  240. Traverse Alpha: missing sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset after DST adjustment
  241. Ambit3: 10 sec recording / 'good' GPS options broken?
  242. Whats a good price on a used Traverse Alpha Foliage ?
  243. Movescount - no SWOLF etc.
  244. New Spartan Ultra User And New To The Forum
  245. Suunto Essential Slate leather band
  246. Help me find the right Suunto model
  247. Suunto Spartan Software Release Delays (Oct. 19 2016)
  248. How to remove personal data on Ambit3 (I'm selling it)
  249. Core Velcro Strap Options
  250. Dark screen in T6C (Contrast)