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  9. back to 1974
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  16. Help with faded lcd
  17. Auto calendar or pre programmed calendar?
  18. Casio TS-200 issue
  19. Under $250, Digital, Solar, Atomic, Self-Correcting?
  20. Under $250, Digital, Solar, Atomic, Self-Correcting?
  21. CASIO PRO-TREK PRG-270 acuracy review + TREK photos
  22. I have a near perfect (for me) ana/digi.
  23. Vintage digital repair? Bulova Computron runs extremely slow
  24. Bomar Digital Watch
  25. Solar started flashing "low" 6 days after taking it out of closet
  26. My first watch
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  29. Casio W-70B module 590
  30. Protrek or Gulfmaster?
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  35. First Pro Trek!
  36. Casio CA-53 Calculator watch
  37. Prw-3100 module 344 factory reset ?
  38. Wich GPS watch ?
  39. Issue with digital watch pulsing and fading display
  40. PRW-6000 and Baro graph
  41. Please help me identify this Casio PRW3100 watch
  42. My good old digital friends' display is not showing anything, but backlight does work
  43. PRW-3100T barometric Pressure screen looks wrong
  44. PRW3100Y Module and Parts?
  45. Need help identifying these Casio digital watches!
  46. Is the PRW-3500T titanium case or just the bracelet?
  47. PRW3100 is not updating time?
  48. I think I have solved the "band" issue w/ Seiko SBEB003..for myself at least.
  49. Please recommend me a readable ABC watch
  50. Solar with large display?
  51. PLEASE HELP!!! Casio BM-100WJ sensor problem
  52. Finally found a good deal on a PRW-3100T-7DR
  53. Casio LCD watches, rated 300M
  54. Casio Module 5470 vs 5463 - is there a difference?
  55. Modern day equivalent?
  56. Has anyone tried this Bulova UHF watch on a nato any suggestions or should I leave it as is.
  57. My new CASIO BM-100WJ from 1989
  58. Seiko AGAM403 vs G757-4010
  59. Today`s CASIO watches alarm time
  60. PRW-3510Y-1JF What Titanium Band Will Fit This Watch
  61. Seiko Wired AGAM403/601
  62. hewlett packard 1977 Model HP-01 Swiss case Stainless Steel
  63. Unboxing: Protrek PRW-S3500-1DR!
  64. Anyone hear any rumors of any new Protreks coming out?
  65. PRG-600 Questions-Any Owners?
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  67. Seiko 0439 4009 Battery type ?
  68. Fenix 5X smart ABC
  69. Garmin for runners,bikers,triathletes,skiers,swimmers bla bla bla
  70. PRW3100t-7dr or PRW3100t-7jf :Would Appreciate Community Advice
  71. Protrek PRW-3100t-7dr/PRW-3100t-7jf Any problems with the titanium band falling apart?
  72. Seiko STP015 digital
  73. Casio Pro Trek PRT-60WWJ
  74. Anybody know about this the new man size F91W aka W217H-1AV
  75. CGC-60 replacement strao
  76. Can you help me with ID this watch?
  77. ProTrek PRW 2500
  78. Timex Dispay View Angle worse than bfore (same model)
  79. Fenix 5 Straps
  80. Another Protrek thread
  81. What is this Weather Master?
  82. recommendations on a hiking watch with specific criteria
  83. TIMEX vs Casio - why so difficult?
  84. Wrist Shots of the Suunto CORE in DUSK GRAY Please.....
  85. GW 5xxx composite bracelet - group buy?
  86. Seiko Wired AGAM402 - If You Liked the G757, You're Gonna Love This
  87. Honest Japanese online Watch companies ????
  88. Newer ABC Protrek with negative face display with Titanium band ?????
  89. Samsung Gear S3 metal bracelet compatible with PRW 3500 ?
  90. Pulsar P2 Questions
  91. Dating Casio's
  92. Who Has the Best Prices on the SUUNTO CORE?
  93. Major GPS Issue with Garmin Tactix Bravo
  94. Continue to Look for an X-Lander or Go With a CORE, G-Shock I thought or Pro-Trek for a New Watch?
  95. "Function Comparison Table" for Casio Protreks....
  96. Difference between PRW-3100T-7DR and PRX-2000T-7JF?
  97. Casio CMD-40 Remote watch question
  98. Garmin - Ready to sea
  99. Map on a Garmin 5S
  100. Wired - Metal Gear Solid V
  101. Casio PRG-270 review and a detailed tutorial on all the functions
  102. Vintage Casio TS-3000 Question
  103. Ventura vTec Delta - anyone looking for one?
  104. recommend me a digital (or anadigi) thats solar, has alarm and good backlight
  105. whats the difference between theese casios ?
  106. Interesting vintage Timex digi find
  107. for $38 this Seiko SBEB003 is pretty nice..
  108. Look what I got from the postoffice today!
  109. First ever digital watch
  110. First ever digital watch
  111. F91W homage with genuine module?
  112. Feeding my babies today
  113. Casio F-94WA-9 Mini Review
  114. Is size an issue with the Protreks?
  115. Tough Solar goes into Sleep mode mysteriously
  116. Help getting a watch strap like the one pictured
  117. Casio F-106 Module 1275 US Flag question
  118. AE-2100W world time question
  119. Little issue with my Casio PRW 3000
  120. Is PRW-3000 my best option for me?
  121. PRW3510 Thoughts?
  122. ABC newbie trying to soak up some knowledge
  123. MudMaster and some zulu band options.
  124. some upgrades for an old friend
  125. My Timex........
  126. Thinking of Getting a New ABC Watch...Need Advice Please. Should I Switch from the Suunto Brand?
  127. Suunto Vector...Trouble Finding How to Turn ON the Chime that Dings When any Button is Pushed....
  128. Disco-era Driver's Case Digital - 1976 Bulova Computron 229
  129. unknown digital watch with JC letters
  130. Protrek 3100 - Any settings or understanding I need to get accurate barometer & altimeter readings?
  131. Can someone explain how a radio controlled movement works?
  132. Casio FS-10
  133. analogue clock not syncing with digital
  134. Pro Trek May 2017 Release
  135. Nice Non-ABC Digital w/ Large Numerals
  136. Just ordered the Casio WSD-F20
  137. CASIO PRO TREK PRW-1300T-7VER my zombie apocalypse watch
  138. Need cheapest ABC that can show longitude and sunset/rise
  139. Digital or ABC w/ Vib Alarm
  140. Casio w-50u
  141. CASIO PRW-3510Y-1 display
  142. How to set the storm alarm for protrek PRW-3100
  143. Yes World Watch
  144. PRW3000 .... syncs overnight, gets time correct, date wrong :(
  145. Help needed operation guide CASIO JG-10 infraceptor
  146. Saw the PRW-3100Y-1BJF in Shinjuku
  147. PRW-3000 or PRW-3100 with a nato/zulu strap?!?!?!
  148. Watch recommendations
  149. Modern elegant digital watches
  150. G-Shock Mudmaster vs Garmin Fenix Series
  151. Vintage Seiko digital - A159-4000
  152. Casio SGW100B-3 vs SGW100B-3A2
  153. PRW-6000Y Change negative display to positive ??
  154. Best all digital connected watch
  155. Solar/Atomic under $250 for a small wrist?
  156. PRW-6100Y-1JF &PRW - 7000 - 1bJF
  157. Protrek PRG-600 Review
  158. Timex Model ID Help
  159. Suunto Survey Request
  160. Is your collection all digital/ABC?
  161. Rapidly Fading Screen
  162. Casio arw-320 Altimeter and Barometer FULL
  163. Got a Garmin Tactix Bravo I have questions
  164. Anybody understand wearable VO2 max?
  165. Looking for a new ABC Watch
  166. Barometric pressure drop graphed during a tornado warning - PRG-270
  167. PRG-3500Y: Aftermarket Metal Band?
  168. Manual for field & stream digital watch?
  169. Youtube Channel dedicated to Digitals
  170. Casio TIC-100
  171. GW-9400-1ER vs GWG-1000-1A3ER for outdoor?
  172. Hamilton led running fast
  173. Casio 79QS-39 water resistance?
  174. Garmin IQ Dive Computer App for Fenix GPS watches?
  175. Seiko A134-5000 issues
  176. Accuracy of Tissot T Touch Model 1
  177. Is the static reset issue solved on PRW 3000?
  178. Identify the watch the pilot is wearing
  179. Solar recharging of a ProTrek 3100?
  180. Watch suggestion needed - WaterPROOF, Tides, weather tracking
  181. Recommend me a G-Shock
  182. Casio AE-3000W
  183. Compass Dip validity
  184. looking for thin digital
  185. Casio PRW-2500T-7ER resin quality versus DW-6700
  186. Casio prg-240-1b
  187. 2017 : Digital Pairing ....
  188. Epson Īnk"Watches Anyone?
  189. casio MRG crushed
  190. Timex WS-4 altitude question
  191. CASIO PROTREK peg-130y
  192. Where to get protrek prw-3000 bands?
  193. After much consideration, a Pro Trek has been acquired
  194. Question regarding battery replacement by In-Time/Debenhams
  195. Protrek - modes persistent?
  196. Resin Band for protrek prw-3100fc-1?
  197. Protrek PRW7000 or 3100?
  198. Most attractive digital in current production?
  199. An old and a new
  200. What is the best GPS based model : Seiko? Citizen
  201. ABC Watches with Altimeter Lock, Barometer Lock and Auto Lock
  202. My new Casio CA53w on a NATO. Or how I created the most hipster watch possible.
  203. Negative display to positive.
  204. Casio C-80 date issues
  205. Incoming Casio semi-rarity - F-28W
  206. So am I missing something? (PAG 240 v PRW 3500)
  207. Tough to Decide Between This Casio and this Timex
  208. My ideal digital watch, or customizable?
  209. recommend a analog style digital watch
  210. Issue with barometer on Seiko Prospex SBEB003 ABC watch?
  211. Requesting advice for the altimeter on my G Shock Rangeman
  212. Recommend a GPS watch for hiking?
  213. Protrek pathfinder
  214. Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 GPS
  215. Garmin Fenix 5 Announced!!!
  216. About Protrek PRW-S3100?
  217. Looking for Stainless Steel Cased Digital
  218. PRW-3100 POSITIVE TO NEGATIVE display?
  219. Casio PRW3000 and 3100 Bezel Mods
  220. Casio wva-109 - how to remove antenna?
  221. Help fixing my Watches
  222. Does this Exist? Small digital watch with metal case and toughness.
  223. Custom PRW-3100 / Help with parts
  224. PRG260 vs. PRW3500
  225. PRW-3000-1A LED Backlight
  226. Solar ABC for Daily Use
  227. G shock GA1000 compass help
  228. ABC options for military use
  229. Incoming - Casio W-100 Marlin - help with slanted LCD
  230. 5600c restoration
  231. Sub-$100 Easy Read Digital Watch with no extra features
  232. Just in...PRW 3500
  233. Help ID-ing this watch please
  234. Selling advice: CASIO PROTREK MANASLU PRX-2500YT-1JF Black Titanium Limited Edition
  235. Best Watch I have ever owned PRW-3000-1
  236. seeking digital watch for gym with 2 timers that work together
  237. Digital watches with stainless steel case and screw down case back?
  238. PRW-3100 Carbon Fibre Strap or Slide Adjustable
  239. Nato strap on Protrek PRW3000
  240. Garmin Connect for Fenix 3
  241. Picking out a NATO strap for Casio LCW-M100DSE-1AER
  242. Looking for a Watch with special features.
  243. Which one to keep?
  244. New watch for Christmas
  245. Protrek Version 1 barometric sensor - replacement/spare
  246. Highgear Altis backlight not working
  247. Best affordable LED display watches around?
  248. Help Me Find A Digital For A Gift
  249. I need a precise, durable daily-use watch. Here's what I'm thinking; am I on the right track?
  250. I need a Digital Watch. Please Help Me Find One.