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  1. Howard-Miller 612-437
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  19. What am i looking at here?
  20. Train station clocks - what does your country use?
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  22. Help me with the name of this pendulum
  23. can anyone help
  24. Modern, high-tech clocks ?
  25. Anything look off about this LeCoultre Atmos clock?
  26. Does anyone own a Max Bill wall clock?
  27. Wall clock - Dugena - FHS 451 - 030 A
  28. Can anyone identify this clock please
  29. Bizzarre, incredible clock
  30. Rocket Clock
  31. Now something a bit different, a Soviet Cockpit Panel Clock 123CS
  32. Watch guy needs clock advice for anniversary gift...
  33. Nos Peter Silent alarm clock.
  34. The Corpus Clock
  35. What do I have here ?
  36. Help with Horrible Clock sums :-(
  37. Help me identify hand painted watch
  38. Can anyone identify this unusual LeCoultre item?
  39. Trying to identify an old travelling clock
  40. J P Weixler clock
  41. Can you identify this clock?
  42. Please help
  43. Distortion of time by high-accuracy measurement
  44. JLC ATMOS for sale, is this a worthwhile price?
  45. Best courier service to transport clock (UK)
  46. Atmos Calibre 560: Spring Forward time reset, now amplitude is less
  47. Chelsea Clock .... Need some help
  48. How to Remove Knob?
  49. What can you tell me about this clock movement?
  50. Atmos Calibre 560 +/- Adjustment: Need to lock balance or not?
  51. Need a battery powered clock mechanism for outdoor use
  52. Vintage Seiko 'Marine' Wall Clock ?
  53. Interested in a Rhodium/Nickel JLC Baguette Table Clock: how/where best to buy one?
  54. jaeger lecoultre Clock from my father
  55. New 560 JLC Atmos Classic: Unlocking balance required a LOT of force...
  56. Repair of 1930's Vedette wall clocks?
  57. Seth Thomas No. 61 movement
  58. MIG Clock Problem
  59. Mühle-WUS-clock ? >>>>>>>>
  60. Gustav Becker P 64 ?
  61. How Does Big Ben Keep Accurate Time?
  62. The only vintage clock in the house
  63. Movement I.d. and cleaning advice?
  64. Looking for a small moon-phase clock (Warmink?)
  65. Westminster chime clock back home...
  66. Military Clock or Old DIY Kit? Not Sure What I Have Here.
  67. Not Sure What I Have Here
  68. Smiths wall clocks
  69. Children's nursery clock
  70. new movement won't stop striking
  71. Arne Jacobsen Station Table clock anyone ?
  72. I have a clock, & dont know what to do
  73. Couaillet Freres Carriage Clock + Case - New Acquisition!!
  74. Can anyone give me any information on this clock?
  75. New here; need help with identification of a clock
  76. Help identifying an antique brass mantel clock please
  77. Clock of the Long Now
  78. A Bare-All Skeleton Clock with no Dial, but... Moving Fish?
  79. Jaeger lecoutre Clock
  80. Help please
  81. Seth Thomas 8 day movement
  82. G. Sussmann Le Caire Carriage
  83. Cameron Weiss Watches
  84. Looping alarm clock
  85. Seth Thomas Legacy-3W
  86. My new old Seth
  87. Special Seth Thomas clock
  88. A few Westminster mantel chime clock questions please....
  89. Polaris mech alarm clock with hen pecking
  90. Angelus Carrilon Clock
  91. Can anyone ID this clock?
  92. What do I have here
  93. Hermle Clocks
  94. New find: Seiko World Clock
  95. Adjusting a Hermle 341-020 movement
  96. Need Info about Junghans shelf mantel Cuckoo clock ?
  97. Help me identify this carriage clock
  98. A vintage Leroy & Fils travel alarm clock - pleae help me out with some information
  99. Beautiful Porcelain New Haven Clock
  100. New guy here with a question.
  101. How to mount a heavy clock
  102. Hamilton/Elgin 37500 Aircraft Instrument Clock
  103. Junghans identification
  104. Phillipp Haas wall clock identification
  105. Looking for Ogee Clock advice
  106. Any idea what this is? Hamilton clock thing
  107. Timer clock. Question about laying it down flat.
  108. Help needed for a restoration of a Jaeger Recital clock
  109. Can you help me identify model for this Bucherer watch?
  110. Inherited: E. Lauffer, Schwenningen, Black Forest, Westminster chime
  111. To Refinish Or Replace, This Clock's Dial?
  112. Guess the type of clock
  113. Old Junghans mantel clock -how much is it worth
  114. Jaeger Lecoultre 8 Day Clock
  115. Junghans regulator wall Clock- advice needed
  116. Info needed for antique German Clock
  117. Riley-Whiting Shelf/ Mantle 30 hour clock circa 1830 and keeps great time.
  118. Sam Deacon Barton no 3353
  119. Clock circa 1940 repair?
  120. Sessions Clock Restore Project.
  121. Seiko TV musical alarm.
  122. Early 18th century clockmaker, Henry Moze of London
  123. Pendulum clock service
  124. Anyone heard of W Terray London ?
  125. The sympathy of two pendulum clocks
  126. Help to find cupule for this clock
  127. West Germany mantle clock 1852
  128. Seth Thomas Quartzmatic Tide Clock
  129. Need help identifying clock - truly an antique.. perhaps pre 1900's, Japy Freres
  130. Someone already heard of Sherman ?
  131. Flowering time
  132. Need help with opening seiko travel clock
  133. Kienzle wall clock info
  134. What is it???
  135. HAC Antique Watch. Looking for information.
  137. Identify this William Barthman travel clock
  138. Identify this type of movement and find replica
  139. it is soothing, like yoga
  140. First mantle clock wanted.
  141. Kienzle mid century mantel clock??
  142. Centurian 35 Day wall clock
  143. Help me identify this Art Deco clock!
  144. Chimney clock in a stone housing / French or British or ?
  145. A modern construction of John Harrison's final clock design
  146. Schatz Memopil Clock - Help with any info re these clocks
  147. Help identify a brass mantel clock; includes maker's mark...thanks.
  148. Seth Thomas mechanical mantle clock repair options?
  149. Carriage Clock #3 / Vrard / Chinese Market / Opinions please
  150. Ornamental Carriage Clock #2 / likely Chinese market / Opinions please
  151. Carriage Clock #1 / likely Chinese market / Opinions please
  152. Help removing the Hammer
  153. New mainspring
  154. Need info on jaeger lecoultre clock
  155. Huber Travel Alarm Clock
  156. Hamilton Clock Advise
  157. images of my record of repairs Bhi exam
  158. West German Mantel Clocl
  159. Who knows this clock?
  160. I inherited a clock
  161. Chinese clock
  162. Old A.S. Platt Clock Movement
  163. Hay guys, need help finding Anniversary Clocks
  164. help!
  165. i cant get a 400 day clock to run for 5 minutes
  166. Dieudonné Kinable
  167. Hand made wall clock
  168. What kind of clock is this/what's it's purpose?
  169. The Breguet Sommariva
  170. New fashion clock
  171. Suggestion for mantle clock
  172. Mechanical Street Clock
  173. Identity of this architectural clock?
  174. Cuckoo Clock on its way from Germany
  175. Garage Find - Chelsea 24 Hour
  176. kinzle watch
  177. Mantel clock questions from Newbie
  178. Where Can I buy movement for a Seiko Cal. 28503E ?
  179. Hermle
  180. UK Historical Watch Manufacturer
  181. Reliance time switch 8 day clock
  182. A few German ships clocks
  183. Panerai Table Clock?
  184. Question for antique clock movement
  185. E6B Clock Idea
  186. Ships clock CAPT O.M WATTS London ltd Trade Sestrel - please help identify movement
  187. INFORMATION sought! Taylor & Bligh Carriage Clock
  188. french carriage clock cannon pinion required
  190. Where to have a clock serviced?
  191. Seth Thomas Identification and Repair Question
  192. 1830's Unusual large Mantle Clock help, please see pics....
  193. Budapest/Vienna Cuckoo Clock Shopping?
  194. Waltham 8 Day Car Clock
  195. Slava hairspring question
  196. Can someone help me set the alarm on this old clock
  197. Chelsea Clock Co. Mk2 Message Center Clock with box and Leather Strap
  198. Harrison Compound Pendulum clock
  199. Ferrolic Clock displays with magnets and ferrofluid
  200. Is this clock in good shape or not?
  201. Elliot long case clock
  202. Help with Ridgeway Clock!
  203. Mechanical clock movements 101
  204. How do clocks synchronize?
  205. 400 day adjustment
  206. Request for help identifying Seiko Quartz wall clock
  207. Making a gear for an older clock
  208. Help identify. Junghans yes. But cant find this exact model on web
  209. Clocks in Audi's
  210. Help identifying a clock (unknown manufacturer)
  211. What a cute Raketa mini alarm clock
  212. Wee's Beyond Quiet Quartz Sweep Hand
  214. Indentifing a clock
  215. Hermle Ravensburg 8-day Wall Clock
  216. Löbner Berlin W9
  217. Erwin Sattler Classica S70M
  218. My Howard Miller Grandfather Clock (that I know nothing about)
  219. New to this hobby
  220. Please help identifying this clock
  221. Anyone knows about "Robin Hood" clock?
  222. Smiths travel alarm clock
  224. Is this an F Mauthe
  225. Longshot? Magnaclock...
  226. Smiths Sectronic battery clock 1962 #1 movement
  227. Westclox Andover c.1940
  228. WW2 Japanese Seikosha ships clock
  229. WW2 German Kriegsmarinre / U-Boat clock
  230. John Harrison clock design sets accuracy record
  231. Need TINY brass washers/screws for Ships clock case back
  232. Basic battery/wall clock question
  233. Any idea the origin of this clock?
  234. I saw this clock on a newspaper, I mind if someone knows what it is.
  235. Looking to buy s set of hands for a Hamilton Maritime clock
  236. Help identifying old French quarter repeating wall clock
  237. Equity Carriage Alarm
  238. Wanted: Ticking sound, metal chime, no big whoop.
  239. Hermle Mantle Clock 22830-n90340
  240. (traditional) Atomic clocks no longer rule the roost?
  241. Need help identify this wall clock
  242. westclox baby ben
  243. The Untergunther and the Pantheon clock
  244. Can anyone help?
  245. Kuco alarm clock
  246. Help / Advise Needed
  247. UK minister apologises for Taiwan watch gaffe
  248. Thieble antique drum clock - any info?
  249. Alarm travel clock anyone ? :)
  250. Henleys contact details anyone?