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  1. Couple of 'beginner' questions
  2. To the guys who hate smart watches and to the ones who wear G-shocks
  3. Latest Ticwatch
  4. Garmin introduces the vívoactive® 3
  5. Samsung introduces the Gear Fit2
  6. Samsung introduces the Gear Sport
  7. Fitbit introduces the Ionic
  8. did casio surprise us and announcing WSD-F30 ?
  9. LG Watch Style opinion
  10. Under $250, Digital, Solar, Atomic, Self-Correcting?
  11. Custom fact on MK Access?
  12. Do smart watches stand a chance?
  13. LG Watch Style for free buying LG G6 phone
  14. Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 - Sapphire Screen quality
  15. first impressions on the Casio WSD-F20
  16. "Viosmart 3" OR "Charge hr" together with a real watch?!
  17. What do you think of "dumb" watches?
  18. Dropping the Samsung Gear S3
  19. Thoughts on the size of my new Apple watch?
  20. Waterproof smart watch
  21. Smart watch as a glucometer display
  22. Rugged Smart Watch
  23. OMG this this is huge!
  24. Gear S3 - App and faces eating battery
  25. Need advice about smart watch with IPxx
  26. I finally found a curved end link metal bracelet for Gear S3
  27. How serious are smart watch makers ?
  28. Skagen Hagen Connected-worth buying?
  29. Gear S3 classic Hexad Stainless Steel watch band
  30. Seduced by an Android
  31. Making a "dumb" watch smart-Montblanc e-strap
  32. Feeling the love for Movado Connect?
  33. What do with think of the new FC e-strap mod??
  34. Recommendations Needed: Metal bracelet for Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
  35. Montblanc smart watch
  36. The majority of Smart Watch faces are boorish and poorly designed...
  37. Is this considered a smart watch??
  38. A Smart Watch changed my life!
  39. What are your favorite Watch Faces?
  40. Lemfo LF07 Bluetooth SmartWatch
  41. Smart-watch & Dumb-watch
  42. Fitbit Fourth Quarter 2016 Results
  43. Old School Today...
  44. Tag is making more smart watches
  45. Sony Smartwatch 3, Asus Zenwatch 2 or ???
  46. How to create a watch face for Android watch(TUTORIAL)
  47. SONY new E-INK watch at CES 2017
  48. Fossil Watch
  49. Withings HR
  50. I said I would never have a smart watch
  51. Fitbit on a roll...just bought Vector too.
  52. Gear S3
  53. SGNL smartwatch
  54. Withings Activité Swiss Made Smart Watch
  55. 5 Stars on Amazon....
  56. Smart band?
  57. Blocks
  58. Smartwatches dying?
  59. 24 hour dial for the Samsung Gear S3 Classic ?
  60. Matrix PowerWatch powered solely by body heat
  61. Gear s3
  62. Is the novelty of smart watches coming to an end
  63. Fitbit is buying smartwatch maker Pebble
  64. Todays purchases
  65. Hybrid Smart Watches? - Need Some Advice
  66. A. Lange & Söhne Smartwatch?!?
  67. IQ+ Move Timex offers its second line of Semi-smart watches
  68. Get rid of Android Wear's frickin' icons?
  69. Is there an Android watch with always-on backlight?
  70. Anyone seen this? Analog/digital smartwatch from HP and Titan - the JUXT
  71. Macy's will have Apple watch in stores b4 the holidays
  73. Garmin Tactix Bravo experience
  74. Microsoft has discontinued the Band 2
  75. Anybody here have Pebble 2?
  76. Best ant+ watch for cycling and running?
  77. Cheaper android watches?
  78. Anyone pre-ordered the Nixon Mission yet?
  79. Asus Zenwatch 2, two versions of caseback ?
  80. WatchOS3 New Faces
  81. Unusable Tachymeters
  82. Pebble 4.0 software release
  83. The future of smartwatches?
  84. All-Purpose Pebble Thread
  85. Review - GW01 Smartwatch - Quality Construction, Bargain Price
  86. WFOTD
  87. Golf GPS
  88. Safety Recall of all Basis Peak watches
  89. The Tivo Paradox and Smartwatches
  90. Apple smart watch sales plummet.
  91. New smartwatches
  92. Best cheap smartwatch?
  93. 2 watches on a single strap - YASSS!!!
  94. Sharing some pictures of my Huawei
  95. Apple is already one of the biggest watch manufacturers
  96. Looking for a "Talking" SmartWatch for running
  97. Pebble 2 and an all new Pebble Core
  98. K88H Smartwatch - HR Monitor HD IPS screen 2.5D arc
  99. Sony Smartwatch 3 Extended Review
  100. new band that gives any watch notifications
  101. Polishing a "turd".
  102. My first one
  103. Just entered this club
  104. Haier G6 Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor
  105. Smartwatches and the three-second rule
  106. Pebble Time Round rough compaison to the Pebble Time
  107. Excited for the Nixon Mission
  108. I sold my Tag Heuer Connected today!
  109. Well? Did anyone buy a Fitbit Blaze yet?
  110. Does it exist?
  111. Current lineup
  112. New Hybrid Calendar Watch, Not So Smart
  113. Samsung gear S2 Classic is even gorgeous than i thought it would be
  114. I hate your smart watch...but I'm curious about it...
  115. Garmin vivoactive
  116. Fossil MSN Direct
  117. New $300 Fossil Q Founder android wear watch
  118. "Engineered by HP" smart watch
  119. Vector Smartwatch Build Quality
  120. Huawei smart watch
  121. Garmin Tactix Bravo vs Fenix 3
  122. Pebble Apps
  123. TipTalk smart watch band to upgrade your mechanical?
  124. Casio WSD-F10 Android Wear
  125. Serious question about current - not future - utility of smart watches
  126. What smart watch are you wearing?
  127. Vintage smartwatches...?
  128. Can't find a proper band
  129. Alcatel OneTouch smart watch?
  130. Vector
  131. Moto 360 2nd gen.
  132. Interesting new analog smart watch
  133. Samsung Gear S2, Moto 360 2nd, Huawei, Pebble
  134. Suntoo Ambit 3 or Moto 360 Sport
  135. got me Samsung Gear S2
  136. I want to wear a regular watch, but I still want the notifications from my phone. Any ideas?
  137. Cellular support comes to Android Wear
  138. Tag Heuer Connected Watch running Android Wear $1500
  139. Chronos Smartwatch Disc attachment
  140. Suunto or Garmin
  141. My 1st SW: Suunto Traverse vs Garmin Taktix vs Vector Smartwatch
  142. Modular smart watch now at Crowdfunding stage
  143. Huawei Watch
  144. AMOLED vs Transflective display
  145. Elephone Ele watch
  146. TAG Carrera Wearable 01 smartwatch unveiling Nov 9 in NYC, says Biver
  147. Pebble introduces the Pebble Time Round
  148. Huawei vs. Omega vs. Breitling -- The Evolution of Watches?
  149. Anyone else score a Pebble for $30 @ Target?
  150. Standalone Smartwatches
  151. Swatch Touch Zero One
  152. Samsung Gear S2
  153. Huawei Watch Released - On Par With Apple Watch
  154. Apple Watch or Tissot Touch Expert Solar
  155. Android Wear now works with iPhones
  156. Is Obama still wearing Fitbit Surge?
  157. BOLDR clever watch
  158. Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel experiences?
  159. I can't decide between Moto 360 an Modular smart watch
  160. Braille Smart Watch
  161. General "why I'll never like a smartwatch" complaint thread
  162. How a smartwatch made me a watch collector
  163. I bet your smartwatch can't do this (Pushing the boundaries of water resistance)
  164. dopple from Team Turquoise
  165. Reasons to get the Apple Watch
  166. All my grails for under $175, beyond my expectations (MOTO 360)
  167. Should a smartwatch be untethered from a smartphone?
  168. How essential is the smartwatch? How essential is a wristwatch?
  169. influence of smart watches on watch size
  170. blocks modular smartwatch looks pretty awesome
  171. Flawed Marketing with Smart Watches
  172. GPS/optical HR... Which model doesn't suck?
  173. Difficulty adjusting Moto 360 Monolink band
  174. Goodbye Moto360...
  175. Vector smartwatch
  176. Hour/Minute Hand length ratios?
  177. Smartwatch "killer app": two-factor authentication?
  178. What movement a handphone or smart watch use?
  179. Smart watches' fundamental flaw: setting the time
  180. We Have a New Apple Watch Brand Sub Forum
  181. Apps from watch makers
  182. "Cardiogram", an app for the smart watch that measures and records heart rate
  183. Moto360 plus Apple Watch = Olio One?
  184. The perfect storm
  185. Google extends the range from smart watch to phone
  186. Baselworld: Will the watch industry get smart?
  187. Breitling (yes, Breitling) B55
  188. as if $17,000 wasn't enough
  189. The smartwatch dilemma - two watches to become the norm?
  190. Smart watches - a matter of time?
  191. YOUR THOUGHTS--Will be introduction of Smart watches create more watch theft
  192. BUTTONS!!!!!
  193. How many of you stopped wearing regular watches?
  194. Huawei Watch (one step closer to traditional design)
  195. Pebble Time Steel
  196. Pre-Basel 2015: Frederique Constant and Alpina anoounce The Swiss Horological Smartwatch
  197. Thoughts on this watch
  198. Frédérique Constant Horological Smartwatch
  199. Smart Watch reality check
  200. New color-screened Pebble coming as soon tomorrow
  201. LG announces Urbane smart watch
  202. Pebble on NATO
  203. [Smartwatch]: I'm afraid I will never buy a luxury wrist watch
  204. Upcoming watches from Martian look promising. Not so fast Apple??
  205. "Test Driving" Mechanicals Using Android Watch Faces
  206. Get "Smart" or "not"? Will you be adding a smart watch to your collection in 2015?
  207. Fitbit - fitness device and a watch
  208. Will Smart Watches make watches "cool" again for youngin's?
  209. custom straps on the g watch r
  210. Smartwatches wow at CES 2015
  211. Smart watch innovation - Rated R
  212. CES 2015 Smartwatch Summary
  213. Omate adds 2 more round smartwatches
  214. Happy 2015 from your friends at WatchUSeek!
  215. smart watch vs traditional watch and a smart phone vs a hybrid mechanical watch and a smart watch to
  216. Garmin Vivo Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker
  217. Luxury watch Industry vs Android makers
  218. Contest on watchuseek (today through 28 NOV, 1014)
  219. Intel "MICA"
  220. Asus ZenWatch - looks pretty spiffy, aye?
  221. Automatic Smartwatch (Kairos)
  222. My pebble with custom strap
  223. What Do You Think of the "Microsoft Band "
  224. JLC concept smartwatch
  225. Phone Upgraded
  226. Interesting article on apple's sapphire furnace
  227. To all you SMARTy-pants watches...
  228. New Apple Watch Dock
  229. New to me pebble
  230. Smart Watch Questions
  231. Moto 360 Android Wear Watch Impressions and Extended Review
  232. Is this thing even a watch...?
  233. Casio G-Mix
  234. Garmin Vivofit
  235. Apple watch == IBM PC
  236. Your watch is dead!!!!!
  237. Tag Heuer to make a smartwatch?
  238. Moto 360 Unboxing Video!
  239. meta m1 smartwatch
  240. Where can a smartwatch (Watch, Moto360, Galaxy Gear, etc) fit into your rotation?
  241. Moto 360 Unboxing and Brief (2 hour) use review
  242. Michael Bastian + HP = another smart watch
  243. What Do The World's Top Watchmakers Think of Apple Watch?----From Todays WSJ.
  244. Apple rocks, they are SO awesome!
  245. Apple Watch
  246. The Apple Watch impact
  247. Video on Apple Watch...
  248. Apple Watch
  249. What do you think of the Apple watch bands?
  250. Apple Watch. What will you do?