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  1. Sxgt is an awesome seller
  2. walrusmonger - recommended seller
  3. natedadude (Shawn) a pleasure to deal with
  4. Fna2005 is a great buyer
  5. Sburn was a great buyer
  6. 88rj888 Is a great buyer
  7. jwbunner is an asset to the wus community! A+
  8. Thach is an Excellent Seller!!
  9. WCW604 - One of the Good Guys
  10. Elrond is an excellent seller
  11. aqk/aqk_2 is a gem to WUS.
  12. Gdavis111 is a great buyer!
  13. metalgear - great buyer
  14. Artdirk great to do business with
  15. JC7 is a great buyer.
  16. Excellent Transaction with ElHeat
  19. Robotaz - very reliable
  20. DNO74 is an ideal buyer!
  21. Dsquared24 is a Trusted Member
  22. Powerband awesome buyer!
  23. Great transaction with Miller.JJ
  24. fiercekrypton is an excellent buyer!
  25. biscuit141 is a +4 seller
  26. alexthegreat = Excellence
  27. Roach7 is a fantastic seller!
  28. Great transaction with 1165dvd
  29. tommy_boy is a solid seller
  30. DMCBanshee, great seller!
  31. johnuf78 is a great buyer
  32. Monkeynuts top buyer
  33. vinndy is an excellent seller
  34. ncmoto is a great seller!
  35. OPIC is a great seller
  36. BB456MGT is a great buyer!
  37. Kostasd great buyer
  38. Great Transaction with Iceman 767
  39. DC guy - Great seller!
  40. Jlawjj is a great seller.
  41. Vegasvince is a great seller!
  42. trf2271 is the man!
  43. seikofanatico is a great seller
  44. seikofanatico is a great seller
  45. OfficerCamp is a great seller
  46. WatchOutChicago .... a great guy to work with
  47. maxbaris and I did a smooth maxdeal
  48. Perfect Transaction with Landlockedindallas!
  49. A pleasure dealing with "Col"
  50. ChrisinOhio is a Top Seller and a True Gentleman
  51. andrewlogan1987 Top seller
  52. Jheredia is solid
  53. horrij1 is a solid buyer
  54. Right Time in Colorado
  55. Perfect Trade Deal with SUPERSNOUT
  56. u2bdet - A class guy and WUS member!
  57. Great transaction with forest24018
  58. Great trasnaction with americanloko !
  59. Great transaction with hordeton !
  60. MediumRB is a fantastic seller
  61. SnothR is a quality seller
  62. jmerino7 is a fantastic seller!
  63. americanloko excellent transaction
  64. ChiefJr is a great buyer!
  65. MikeyT is a great person
  66. mdgrwl is such a great seller, I'm buying again
  67. Nurpur is a top-quality seller
  68. Great sale experience with futurepx
  69. jorgeledesma is the epitome of a great buyer
  70. Watchdisplay is a great seller
  71. MannyMann is an excellent buyer
  72. Dinkerson is a top notch seller!
  73. Good transaction with parsig9
  74. hi_bri - Perfect transaction
  75. hi_bri - Perfect transaction
  76. Poor Experience with "swisstimepieces.co.uk"
  77. ArtDirik = great buyer!
  78. markschnake1
  79. jschleim18 is a great guy!
  80. trf2271 is a quality seller
  81. JMAK: Good seller!
  82. Fourier is a recommended seller
  83. OfficerCamp
  84. Flatout05
  85. Herman65
  86. chamampion is a great buyer
  87. OSUMBA2003 is great seller, perfect tranaction
  88. JAdams55 is a great seller
  89. Cheshirecatiii is top notch!!!
  90. Keye Skware is an A+ buyer!
  91. rene.r is Great seller!
  92. TristanZ is a great seller
  93. OfficerCamp is a great seller
  94. NightOwl is great seller
  95. HarambeeStar is super seller
  96. exelonman is a great seller
  97. Unlockjock is a class act
  98. hi_bri is a fantastic seller
  99. 10/10 Transaction with Jezec, Highly Recommended as a Buyer/Seller!
  100. Heythere50 is A++++
  101. TC3 is a fantastic buyer !!!
  102. Bought a beautiful watch from Elf1962
  103. Michael49 is a great buyer
  104. Shaun Farrier is a great seller
  105. TJ Boogie is a great seller!
  106. watch-hor is a great seller!
  107. Nebulight - great seller!
  108. MikeLikesIt - good seller!
  109. NathanSR - trusted trader
  110. Great (!) deal from Rice and Gravy
  111. Had a great experience with eric198324
  112. Aaron Garon is highly recommended
  113. omegaaddict is a great seller!
  114. DEMO111 is the man!
  115. KevinM. is a great buyer
  116. Casio G-SHOCK DW 5000
  117. Shuutr Was Great To Buy From
  118. thejames1.............SUPER SMOOTH! Perfect transaction.
  119. Watson59 is a fantastic buyer!
  120. Ebay seller "Enteprenartist" (David B - Wayne NJ) - steer clear
  121. txaggie9307 is a great seller
  122. cheshirecatiii is a phenomenal seller
  123. Vig2000 is a great seller
  124. gaopa is a great buyer
  125. Mhutchuk - great buyer
  126. Rixter Great Seller!!!
  127. A MattR of Time is a great buyer!
  128. upnorthmi is a bream buyer
  129. Marked is an A+++++ Seller !!!!
  130. pyddet is a trusted seller
  131. Super smooth deal with WatchOutChicago
  132. Batt14 is a great seller!
  133. Soxman5 is a straight shooter
  134. bobusa great member to deal with
  135. Smooth sell to RG122
  136. sandj is an excellent customer
  137. Smooth Transaction with sidrox25!
  138. doby283 is a great buyer!
  139. MGH1967 is a great buyer!
  140. that 1 guy is a super buyer!
  141. Biogon is excellent seller
  142. Huwp good seller
  143. atdegs is a great buyer
  144. Smooth transaction with appview
  145. Watch_Collector1980 is an AWESOME buyer!
  146. maxbaris is an awesome seller!!
  147. Good Transanctionl with timeisnow
  148. Vioviv - better than described.
  149. Jackson Filth is top notch.
  150. 41Mets is a good guy
  151. Moonwatchman A+ seller!!
  152. Vkl is an A++ buyer!
  153. usmc93 is super professional !!
  154. Great transaction with deepcdvr
  155. Great transaction with jgordonfresh !
  156. "Michael D CFA" is an AWESOME guy to deal with!!
  157. Yankeeblues is a good guy
  158. platinumEX is an A++ Seller
  159. A great transaction with sidrox25
  160. RPUGH40 is A+++
  161. JeffL is an awesome buyer!
  162. streetracer101 as seller
  163. c.hanninen is a great guy
  164. Bhudrei is a great seller
  165. Batchelor 22 is a great buyer
  166. joejoe1225 is a terrific buyer
  167. mralastor is a great trader!
  168. Boemher- great seller !
  169. JSM9872- John
  170. Deal with rms2112 with confidence!
  171. fitzroy does WUS proud
  172. X JBM X is good to go!
  173. borchard929 is an awesome member!
  174. Astro68 is a great buyer
  175. oviraicov +
  176. Smooth transaction with jason042779
  177. Great transaction with exelonman
  178. EvEr34 is as cool as can be....GREAT Gut great buyer.
  179. Great purchase from "DuckaDiesel" A++
  180. Great transaction with megrimlock
  181. Witz32
  182. icex731, it was a pleasure!
  183. Shane (Delaurian) Is the Best!!!
  184. Auttasit is an excellent buyer
  185. ElHeat is a great seller
  186. Bad experience with shura110
  187. Spunwell is an honest, knowledgeable, conscientious enthusiast and seller
  188. Great transaction with Pit Boss
  189. Watertime is a great buyer
  190. Pit Boss is a great seller
  191. Kenaikat is a great seller
  192. Stevepodraza is a Great Seller
  193. hawaiiaric - great buyer
  194. BillyZhang is a great addition to WUS
  195. JohnnyKarate good seller
  196. CAUTION: Member creepshow's Account Was Hacked!
  197. MarkND is an excellent seller
  198. LCLaddict is a Newbie here but a Great Buyer
  199. zachste was a pleasure to deal with!
  200. Excellent buying experience w/ seandell16 as seller
  201. Complete confidence with @goyoneuff
  202. a_watch is a fantastic seller
  203. kamonjj - awesome to deal with - great seller - great transaction
  204. loubrew - great buyer. flawless transaction
  205. J.D.B. - awesome face to face - great and honest buyer!
  206. wp3 - great buyer! great to deal with.
  207. Raymar - fast, friendly, flawless transaction. Great buyer
  208. Another great transaction with Kahrp9p9
  209. gr8sw: great to deal with / great seller
  210. A+ for Mrsoundman
  211. colter is great to deal with
  212. dunzdeck is an excellent buyer
  213. goyoneuff excellent seller!
  214. Watchdisplay is an excellent buyer
  215. climateguy - Excellent buyer
  216. jdubbs43 - Great Seller!
  217. Jimbizzle - good guy
  218. romeo-1 great seller
  219. Jeje3325 - great seller
  220. Two big thumbs up for Mdgrwl (Matt)!
  221. Another flawless trade with yellobullet
  222. Gozuki is an excellent buyer!
  223. Great transaction with flyersandeagles
  224. Franco60 - Perfect Seller!
  225. EHH is the REAL DEAL
  226. capnben - Fantastic to work with!
  227. Myron is nothing but class!
  229. Good deals with Magnum 41
  230. Americanloko is anything but loco -- GREAT buyer
  231. Jfullm42
  232. arutlosjr11 is a great seller
  233. I Like MikeyLikesIt
  234. Great trade with Herman65
  235. Classictimepiece (Chris) is a strong and honest seller.
  236. sjheron is good to go!
  237. Cptnajordan (AJ) Awesome and Smooth Transaction
  238. 49ers101hitters good transaction
  239. ChiefWahoo is an excellent seller!
  240. Prateeko is good to go!
  241. 41Mets was Excellent to Sell to from Start to Finish!
  242. chriscam is a great buyer!
  243. Garydusa is an excellent seller!
  244. Doulos Christos is A++
  245. broulstone is a great buyer!
  246. bshah1976 = fabulous, fantastic buyer
  247. elliswyatt is a great buyer
  248. dfwinkler is a great buyer
  249. David (dapurdie) is A Man of His Word!!!
  250. Perfect transaction with 15minprior