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  1. for the luminox fans
  2. Are the military markings genuine?
  3. Inexpensive (cheap?) manual wind pilot style watch. Can anyone help identify it?
  4. Looking for an affordable type A pilot watch
  5. Introducing Orologi Calamai
  6. Dial and hands?
  7. BEOBACHTUNGSUHR Laco Type-A and a Kadlec Wrist Compass (Opinions)
  8. Cocktails with Bremont! Come join us!
  9. Anyone put a SAR-type dial into a GSAR??
  10. Pilot Watch Look
  11. New Dievas pilot
  12. Breitling Aerospace Durability?
  13. Blue dial pilot watches under $700
  14. Considering purchase: Alpina Startimer manufacture
  15. Radium Lume on Military Watches
  16. abomination or not? A-type pilot with this strap?
  17. Black PVD Pilot Chronograph
  18. Assistance Wanted: Flieger Type A required
  19. Gekcota K1 Pilot watch arrives via U.K. (quick review)
  20. POP-Pilot fliegers for summertime
  21. Maratac GPT-1 hand swap
  22. Navy, army, pilot - show off your military collection set!
  23. Asymmetrical case, in steel with tritium?
  24. Seiko SNZG07K vs. SNZG07J - Differences?
  25. Domed Vs Flat crystal.
  26. Looking for DPW Comsubin (Breitling?)
  27. Traser Officer Pro dimensions
  28. Advice on ~WWII Eterna
  29. OT: Grillwork...
  30. Adding a Military/Pilot's Watch to my Collection
  31. My First Marathon!!
  32. Pilot watches: Stowa or Laco?
  33. Added a Flieger to the collection...
  34. Athaya Vintage Type B Pilot Watch.
  35. Waltham A17 Homage
  36. Custom pilot/military watches makers or dealers
  37. Special Offer: Tourby Pilot Automatic 200m model now with an TOP GRADE ETA 2824.2 movement free
  38. Laco Zurich review?
  39. Introducing Bremont's First In House Movement
  40. Pleeeease help me with my watch! :/ - Victorinox
  41. The New TWCO Air Controller, proudly introducing!
  42. Is this Eterna a WWII Military Watch?
  43. Luminox 8830 Recon NATO strap
  44. Please help! Picking out a birthday present...
  46. Need advice about customizing a Marathon
  47. Maratac Mid Pilot Spring Bars
  48. Can the experts weigh in here? I'm lost with these vintage military watches--are they real?
  49. New Tactico TC3.2 Watch - Photos of the Prototype
  50. J.BIANCHI vintage french Combat Diver's watch.
  51. Marathon Watch Contest Alert!
  52. Brand New Luminox 8830 Recon - GMT/Second hr hand not keepin time?
  53. Elgin White Dial A11 or replacement Ord watch?
  54. Worried if this Genuine now.......
  55. IWC Mark XI finally arrives back from factory
  56. Bulova Astronaut at Russian cosmonaut museum
  57. Bremont versus Damasko
  58. Does such a watch exist?
  59. Looking for WWII stories with specific watch brand JARDUR.
  60. Universal Bomb Timer
  61. Pilot's chronograph picture thread.
  62. Maratac Mid Pilot vs. Laco Miyota rotor noise
  63. Looking for a watch with an altimeter style chronograph
  64. Current US military watches?
  65. would like a "budget" pilots to add to my collection..
  66. anyone buy a watch from PJS lately?
  67. Metal bracelets on a Flieger? Show me they can look good!
  69. Help me choose between these tactical style watches...
  70. Broad Arrow on a Swiss Vintage?
  71. 49 years of flying
  72. CWC SBS
  73. Bracelet/strap suggestions?
  74. 38 mm Auto or Maual wind field watch
  75. Help finding affordable basic pilot
  76. Bertucci sports watch (review)
  77. Looking for a great quality affordable, millitary-style watch.
  78. Looking for a pilot watch with rubber strap. Any suggestions.
  79. Winding automatic Maratac GPT-1; what's it supposed to feel like? + an introduction as a new member
  80. Need advice, please - trigalight replacement
  81. Help to decide
  82. Recommend a quartz Pilot with stainless steel bracelet?
  83. Hamilton MIL-W-46374B extra jewels opinion
  84. Help looking for a mil style matte color watch
  85. A Flieger For Every Price Point
  86. Best Pilot/ Dive/ tool watch under $2500
  87. Popular brands in USA/CAN for Pilot watches similar to Achimede, Stowa, Laco, Christopher Ward...
  88. TAWATEC just arrived!
  89. Anything Similar to Christopher Ward C8 Pilot MKii?
  90. Hand wind, center second hand, display back Pilot watch?
  92. Precista PRS-10 Crystal Upgrade
  93. Tutima Pilot FX style- Watch searching help
  94. Siegerin with UG 285
  95. Watch Identification (Moved)
  96. clear caseback possible on a PJS pilot?
  97. military dial
  98. WWII era Pilot's Sheffield Chronograph watch
  99. Mystery Swiss aviator/pilot style watch - please help identify!!!
  100. New Military Watch
  101. Does this exist? Brushed metal bezel automatic pilot?xit? Brushed metal bezel automatic pilot?
  102. 46 mm parnis? pilot homage sterile dial watch
  103. Anyone bought a CWC from hjw0_2 on the 'bay?
  104. Marathon Bezel Repair?
  105. Swiss Automatic Military
  106. tactico Tc3
  107. World War I watches
  108. Techne Goshawk arrives. Love it
  109. Is this strap attached to a Mark II a 50s issue? (image fixed)
  110. Great Prices for some Military and other type watches
  111. "Grounded" luminox watch
  112. Look to the sky: Oris Big Crown ProPilot Day-Date
  113. thinking about a csar
  114. Help finding a pilot's watch
  115. Reasonable custom casemaker somewhere?
  116. german world war 2 watches?
  117. Marathon steel navigator - how to remove the back?
  118. steinhart nav b uhr 44 or laco kassel
  119. Flying again: Eterna Majetek Limited Editions
  120. Traser Commander on Strapcode engineer, matte.
  121. Smiths PRS 29 B (39mm) Bracelet?
  122. Broke My Marathon Automatic - Suggestions?
  123. Help me find a pilot chrono
  124. Field Watch - Does such an animal exist?
  125. Good non-genuine crowns for military Benrus
  126. Places to shop for G10's in London ?
  127. Help with GG-W-113 Watch
  128. Memorial Day (DA36 content)
  129. WW1 Waltham wrist watch
  130. Resco
  131. Radium Safety
  132. New here, help me find a watch?
  133. MIL-W-3818B WATCH, WRIST: DTU-2A/P NOS with issue box...1966 dated.
  134. New Pilot watches. What do you think about?
  135. Looks like original dial Maratac Pilots are back on sale for $195. Which size?
  136. Trench watch dilemma
  137. Jardur Watch Company becomes official timekeeper of iFlightPlanner.com
  138. Steinhart or Archimede bronze pilot!
  139. Glycine Airman 17 "Sphair"
  140. Military Navigator Dial?
  141. Watch advice wanted!
  142. New JLC
  143. My first watch :)
  144. Looking for my first pilot/military watch
  145. Hamilton Khaki Pilot Chrono: Quick Review
  146. Looking for some suggestions
  147. My newly acquired 48mm Azimuth type "B"
  148. NATO straps in action
  149. PVD/DLC Chrono watch recommendation needed
  150. Suggestions for a watch with red digits
  151. Is This Junk ?
  152. Next watch: Luminox or Traser
  153. New Lum-Tec Super Combat B3 LE
  154. NATO strap - MoD Specs
  155. Traser Outdoor Pioneer
  156. Incoming Maratac - and already looking at Archimede !! What is wrong with me? :)~
  157. New Arrival! (Pic Heavy)
  158. IWC Pilot XVI - winding sounds and feels different after service, problem?
  159. Gagarin Sturmanskie Watch Questions
  160. Uhren von UHR 511
  161. Marathon Navigator steel case!
  162. 2 Questions for you watch experts.....
  163. New Addition: Marathon General Purpose Mechanical
  164. Help to find information about this Cyma watch
  165. LACO ATACAMA 861632 ANYONE?
  166. Marathon Navigator case design
  167. Marathon navigator battery
  168. Flieger recommendations for a small wrist
  169. Need Help! IWC Pilot Chronograph vs. Omega Speedmaster 1957
  170. U.F.O. (Unidentified Flieger-like Object)
  171. Just in, my Maratac™ Large Sapphire Red Pilot II Automatic.
  172. Coming soon. . . . . the TWCO Air Controller, sneak preview!
  173. Mineral glass protective film
  174. Looking to get a flieger
  175. Ask Bremont Anything!
  176. Swiss Military Soldier second hand jerking
  177. Fiddling with Marathon Navigator
  178. Can anyone help identify this watch?
  179. Hamilton/Seiko/Smiths, please help me choose!
  180. Hi. anyone know of other manufacturers with similar dial as Hamilton Khaki type B as in picture?
  181. Luminox „Land“ A.8817.GO - some pics
  182. Pilot watch customization - CASE BACK -
  183. Victorinox Swiss Army Watches...
  184. Looking for alternate rubber for my TSAR, pics or suggestions welcome.
  185. Help me find a cream dialed pilot watch
  186. Help identify a watch
  187. Black tactical tritium watch sugtestions?
  188. The Russians are coming: Nesterov Watches to expand into Western Europe
  189. Limited Edition Marathon Stainless Steel Benrus Field Watch Now Available
  190. Did I do ok?, O&W...
  191. STEINHART "Nav B-Chrono II Black DLC"
  192. My ebay finding
  193. Felco Watch Query
  194. Millitary Watches. Magazine and collection.
  195. Marathon USMC Navigator mod
  196. WatchBuys Philadelphia Road Show Registration Opens
  197. Diver-military.....
  198. Unusual Sherpa Guide
  199. Help needed for this flieger!
  200. 44mm Ticino Pilot - Has anyone EVER modded or found a curved endlink bracelet to fit?
  201. i hate onions...
  202. Looking for a entry-level auto chrono GMT
  203. 2014 Basel: Glycine appears to be doing it right with Airman 1...
  204. Ticino Pilot Chrono Question
  205. Maratac Mid Pilot - Bracelet suggestions
  206. CALL OF DUTY: Where Are You The 50 Dievas Reapers?
  207. Is blue hand a must for a classic pilot?
  208. One Longines "vintage mil guys" are going to love....;)
  209. New Bremont Models! By Timeless Luxury Watches
  210. Fortis B-42 Flieger Black Chronograph L.E. - some pics
  211. black tactical pilot watch
  212. WWII Navy Underwater Demolition Team watch(es)?
  213. Hamilton or Benrus 33mm Miltary Style watch?
  214. A-11 Watch?
  215. Collection pics
  216. astroavia watches
  217. What are the main features of a pilot watch?
  218. REVIEW: Armourlite ISOBrite Chronograph T100
  219. BEST FIELD WATCH recommendations!!! NEED HELP!
  220. Orfina Porsche owner in NE England ?
  221. Toughest (non-Casio) quartz
  222. Initial Review of Garmin Tactix
  223. Looking for cheap,rugged watch for outdoor activities
  224. has anyone seen the New Pilot
  225. This but bigger?.....
  226. Chronographs similar to Damasko
  227. Name of California-made military watch
  228. Help me find my next watch (Pilot type)?
  229. Is this Hamilton geneve 6bb legit?
  230. Davosa Black Military
  231. A-11 Homage
  232. Airman 2000 Bracelet Links
  233. Military/Pilot Recommendations...
  234. A rugged watch to suit my current needs....
  235. "Decimal" dials"
  236. Pangbourne Watches sponsors FlyRTW80, a Round the World charity flight
  237. Citizen Military
  238. Techne voucher & newsletter subscription
  239. Worth fixing my S & Y 184?
  240. Marathon JSAR Repair
  241. Do I already have what I need?
  242. Eberhard Flymatic Diascope
  243. Szanto watches - anyone heard of them?
  244. Marathon 38mm Divers Quartz WW194027-Diver's Watch Quartz Medium (mini-TSAR???)
  245. Affordable vintage military watches
  246. Martenero Watches????
  247. Pulsar G10 spotted
  248. Get my drift: Hamilton X-Wind Limited Edition
  249. Davitton watch help
  250. Nite vs. Luminox vs. Traser Quality