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  59. Please suggest good quality leather straps for my Stowa Flieger!
  60. Maratac Swiss Mid Quartz Pilot
  61. Worth it to get this Leonard "Trench Watch" restored?
  62. Waltham Watch Company US Air Force Type A-17 Military Watch NOS
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  82. Vintage Zenith Special
  83. Which looks better!?
  84. Ollech & Wajs Valjoux 72 pilot's computer chronograph
  85. Rugged Mechanical or Automatic
  86. Is this watch a military issued watch?
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  88. Best B-Uhr
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  92. Which Watch replaced the IWC MK XI when it was retired?
  93. Westclox Vietnam Era Diver
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  97. Super-unusual Hamilton.
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  107. Anybody got suggestions for or flieger?
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  111. Minerva Wehrmacht issue?
  112. Zodiac Jetomatic - anyone have experience ?
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  130. Omega Military watch
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  132. I have a Philippe Rosen & Cle. Skyhawk 24. Is Philippe Rosen still in business?
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  148. Smiths Everest or Hamilton Field H70455533 or ?????
  149. Affordable, thin, not too big pilot watch
  150. New: Guinand Flying Officer 12 hrs Automatic
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  155. Troll & Provocateur....
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  159. Swiza Kretos
  160. CJR Airspeed Regulator Watch
  161. What makes a watch military or pilot?
  162. U-Boat B48-08, your thoughts
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  164. Build your own Flieger
  165. Marathon Diver Questions
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  167. Leather nato on a Laco Munster.
  168. Is This A Good Deal?
  169. Luminox repair?
  170. Is there a rule of Pilots watch with no date?
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  175. Checking out 2 eBay sellers
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  177. Vertex M100
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  188. Omega WW1 Battle of The Yser- Belgium.
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  192. ***You Saw It Here First F7***Alpina Startimer Pilot Big Date***Vintage Edition***Modem Burner***
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  194. Breitling Havanirooz 80790
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  200. New Bremonts for 2017!
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  204. The Pilot Watch A-13A
  205. Recommend a Pilot Chronograph
  206. Newly Acquired circa 1963 Vintage Bulova MIL-W-3818A w/ original strap
  207. Why no www rolex watches?
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  209. Bulova "ORD DEPT. USA"
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  212. New Zenith Type 20 Bronze Chronograph!
  213. Is this Victorinox worth it?
  214. New Pierce Air Command Movement?
  215. Purchased a Bell and Ross Display
  217. Any Type B/PVD-DLC with B&R Style Case???
  218. Issued Falklands strap for CWC available from Silvermans.
  219. Well there goes my Tisell Pilot
  220. i need advice with a W10
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  223. Some Clourful Pilots
  224. Today, the 28th, serving as a reminder that...
  225. Texas Two Step...
  226. My retro aviator themed collection
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  228. Are field watches inherently casual?
  229. Seeking recommendations for a practical pilot's watch
  230. Has anyone seen this brand or have any info
  231. Help! Oris ProPilot 111 vs IWC Petit Le Prince Pilot Chrono
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  233. Looking for a specific pilot watch....
  234. My new ORIS Big Crown ProPilot date
  235. hamilton khaki field clasp...where to find?
  236. Archimede Pilot 42D Bronze
  237. CWC wearing a MN Strap from Erika.
  238. Identify John Cleese's pilot chrono?
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  241. SGS Watches?
  242. incoming this SINN 103 Ti TESTAF from New York...
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  250. Why No LACO