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  1. My wife and I are building our dream home!
  2. Family car - Recommendations?
  3. MLB owners: Extend the nets!!!
  4. Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017 - DOOMSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any weekend plans?
  5. German economic dominance
  6. The stupid new Tapatalk
  7. spam email I simply don't get...
  8. On the amount of technology in new cars.
  9. Best Horror Movie of All Time
  10. First time in San Jose for me.
  11. Craig Johnson, the author of the Longmire books that inspired the Longmire TV series.
  12. Anyone excited/hopeful for the new Star Trek: Discovery series?
  13. Any Destiny 2/video game fans out there?
  14. Autonomous Super Cruise will be a SNITCH
  15. Shelley Berman RIP
  16. Looked at my watch and started for the door - Walter Becker dead at 67
  17. Post random stuff from the internet here!
  18. Do you suffer from nomophobia?
  19. A huge, massive asteroid will hit in 4 hours...what will you: ...
  20. Your career path is completely predetermined when...
  21. any footy fans on here ( EPL )
  22. Did you know about Axolotls?
  23. Only ONE (1) word per post: Precious Ebay misspellings.
  24. Meme & Picture Story
  25. 5k bonus.... but the government takes half! How's it in Europe? Complain about Taxes here.
  26. Axe Junkies
  27. I got myself a new Truck today.. 2017 Chevy Colorado LT
  28. Has Mcgregor lost the fight but won the war?
  29. Hurricane Harvey.
  30. NCAA football 2017
  31. Samsung Note 8
  32. Eclipse Glasses
  33. Is OIL evil?
  34. Homesteading, woodwork, blacksmithing, etc
  35. Eclipse
  36. ipad Vs iPad Pro advice needed.
  37. Shock of the day.
  38. Statues (in general) waste of money :: poll
  39. It pays to understand the law ;-)
  40. Tennis: end of an era?
  41. Good News!
  42. Are you ready for the blackout?
  43. Any Ophthalmologist here ? Cataract question ?
  44. "Weird Al" Yankovic - The North Korea Polka
  45. Do you drink whole milk?
  46. I have a gambling problem
  47. I'd say the weatherman missed today......
  48. Why American cities are different than Europe/Asia.
  49. I could be having a Twins
  50. Why are boomers douches towards millennials?
  51. Never judge
  52. Any Hearthstone players here?
  53. why am I a speeding fine magnet?
  54. For Your Pup
  55. RIP Glen Campbell
  56. Crosby rocking the Daytona
  57. MLB: interesting tidbit...
  58. 9.92 seconds
  59. Do you enjoy your job ?
  60. Dr. Syn overload
  61. a car with that extra something.....
  62. $2000 dollars to invest. ideas?
  63. Is there some kind of a war going on?
  64. Show off your art pieces!
  65. any lego fans?
  66. First Night
  67. Stranger Things
  68. The cops are allright
  69. I love tax return time
  70. Scottish Banter
  71. Ivanka, Jared, Joshua or Karlie: Who did the best??
  72. Ivanka, Jared, Joshua or Karlie: Who did the best??
  73. Teenage bedroom posters!
  74. NFL 2017
  75. Not news the NFL wants to hear
  76. Disgruntled IWC Worker? Just Kidding
  77. Car Ideas
  78. 28K for a PhD position in a major US city?
  79. Artwork, watch and related
  80. Can you identify this watch?
  81. Please help me win a gallery showing in NY
  82. Birkenstock sandals honest feedback needed
  83. What is the deal with two bathtubs?
  84. What's your day job?
  85. Did you do a MacGyver?
  86. The Govt. and Gender Identity
  87. TIME (LORD) for a change
  88. Anyone else watching the F1 race?
  89. Some stuff you just have to sit back and shake your head...
  90. australian airport baggage
  91. An old shirt can be so hard to throw away.
  92. Tapatalk issues anybody?
  93. Tennis Would Be A Better Game If The Second Serve Was Abolished
  94. What are your three favorite books?
  95. anyone else kind not like summer?
  96. The originals versus new
  97. Upcoming trip to Mexico!
  98. The counting game!
  99. I'm bored with my "style"
  100. 376% of photo's loading
  101. Women's designer handbags and totes
  102. poker: no more november nine
  103. Why is the cafe orange? It's horrible
  104. $1,000,000 to spend but only on things starting with the first letter of your name
  105. Looking to buy a dash-cam, any suggestions?
  106. The 2017 Tour de France is Underway!
  107. Saturday cars and coffee, Tustin, CA
  108. All eyez on me
  109. Your house is on fire...what would you save first?
  110. Do you fly Quadcopters/Drones?
  111. Off on a holiday with my son for the first time
  112. Off topic but a friend just lost their daughter to a bear attack
  113. Are three button suits really out of style?
  114. Like Iron Maiden? Like Michael Jackson?
  115. What do you cheap out on?
  116. All Amerucans visit this site, non-Americans may be interested.
  117. Which cell phone to get next?
  118. Yearly review time at work. What to do if it goes better or worse than expected?
  119. Condolences again, to our Friends in the UK
  120. Responsible for food safety issues
  121. The Economics of Airline Class
  122. Road Trip!!! Suggestions please
  123. Compression Socks
  124. Musculation/fitness thread fans
  125. So I drove the Chevy SS today (rebadge Holden).. good stuff..
  126. Finally
  127. Adam West - POW! BAM! Big fella.
  128. Adam ?Batman? West has passed away
  129. Vacationing in Key West, Florida
  130. Saving you time and money
  131. Work's Clock
  132. Your job in Germany! 1945
  133. Crypto Currency Mining
  134. Sargent Pepper
  135. Why is there no love for Rum?
  136. New to me Speakers Yamaha NS-344 3way's
  137. Need help from a Chicagoan.
  138. Memorial Day is not just about sales
  139. Vietnamese crocodiles? skinned alive :-(
  140. Gregg Allman (1947-2017) - RIP
  141. Pipe Smokers?!
  142. Ramadan 2017
  143. Opinions on the new Ridley Scott alien movies
  144. Identify this watch?
  145. Favorite Musicians Who Have Passed?
  146. Massdrop
  147. Roger Moore R.I.P.
  148. Manchester bombing
  149. Watches with games thread
  150. The guitarist in you #37
  151. Pets Make Life Better
  152. Best package UK forwarder(shipito for UK) ?
  153. Hot Mess
  154. A brief morality play at a 7-11 ...
  155. Paintings made of coffee
  156. RIP To The Greatest Voice Ever - SOUNDGARDEN'S CHRIS CORNELL Has Died Age 52
  157. Don't judge me, Persona 5!
  158. Microsoft is to Blame....
  159. OY!
  160. Chik-Fil-A
  161. Flight Between Obese Seatmates
  162. how fast is your internet?
  163. Aliens Walking Amongst Us? Could One Of Your Family Or Friends Be An Alien?
  164. Aliens Walking Amongst Us? Could One Of Your Family Or Friends Be An Alien?
  165. Light Painting
  166. 18th inning at 0200 EDT....
  167. How many paddle boarders here?
  168. Did anyone watch the theft of yet another game from the Edmonton Oilers by so called officials?
  169. Any Cyclists here ? post your ride
  170. Modern Technology
  171. running question...
  172. Best NFL Draft Pick Announcement EVER!
  173. Bahrain GP 2017
  174. Whatcha readin'???
  175. Shippers: lack of concern over proper packaging (RANT)
  176. Is archie bauld winchester the third on this forum?
  177. bad day at ESPN...sports leagues, beware...
  178. Dave's Killer Bread
  179. Requesting Feedback for first YouTube Watch Review, idk where to post
  180. Donating is a wonderful thing
  181. New McDonald's Uniform
  182. Meta Data retention
  183. I drew a 5513
  184. The last person to live in the 19th century died last week
  185. If you wake up in 2100, what will be the first thing you Google?
  186. Watch accessory sites with garbage UX
  187. Just a quick question >>>
  188. Resident of Brazil needed
  189. The influence of Roger Federer
  190. Any Real Life Superheroes Out There? You, someone you know, something you’ve seen...?
  191. Boy Steals Mom's Car For McDonald's Run
  192. Salute!
  193. A's 8, KC 3
  194. Family of three considering a move to LA (Westside). Any residents I can bother with questions?
  195. Bought used BMW 3 Series today, some questions...
  196. oh I hate spray paint sooo much
  197. The last thing you ate...
  198. Once something is legal, it becomes "establishment".
  199. Don Rickles RIP
  200. Dealing w/ the Laptop/Tablet Ban?
  201. Samsung s8: Buy the s7 instead
  202. Stormtrooper?
  203. couple of photos of my great grandpa and grandpa and my grandma..
  204. If you're 50 years old or middle aged
  205. April Fools' Day pranks
  206. PayPal limit
  207. Heavy Metal National Anthem
  208. Cerberus is shivering......
  209. Woman Suing Doctor For Getting Pregnant
  210. Finding happiness
  211. McD's getting desperate?
  212. I am still cringing.
  213. Having multiple husbands simultaneously
  214. The decline of rock n roll rebellion
  215. At what Ages you guys have your "WIFE"?
  216. Random Facts
  217. Hidden brand in today's wordfind
  218. So in fact, Brady's jersey WAS ripped off!
  219. Why I like my Late Model domestic Sedan..
  220. Move into a storage unit?
  221. Smart people can be dumb too
  222. Another Great Musician Gone
  223. The Guitarist in you #36
  224. Musicians/Artists on the forum?
  225. The decline of dolls
  226. March Madness is upon us!
  227. Seen the new phone ads?
  228. Cell phones are the modern day cigarettes
  229. These guys aren't Irn Bru, but they are trying
  230. Tokyo kind of ruined New York for me
  231. Have you ever been told you look like a famous person? If so who?
  232. So off of the watch topic, who shaves with a straight razor?
  233. Never meet your hero
  234. Getting rescued is expensive
  235. Space bar issues
  236. First hand experience with a Fiat 500 Abarth?
  237. Headed to Disneyworld this weekend. Suggestions from regulars?
  238. Madness Returns
  239. Loneliness is liberating
  240. French press, aeropress, percolator or chemex
  241. Driving, The Law & You
  242. The guitarist in you #35
  243. WUS Tapatalk Ad looks like my wife
  244. Thread for "Lifting Bruhs!"??
  245. Bill Paxton (1955-2017)
  246. Input please - First car, SUV
  247. Virginity is the new cool
  248. Hope for the human race
  249. I'm making art
  250. This made me laugh!