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  1. Feedback on single-handed watch design options
  2. Latest Prototype Watch Design
  3. 3D modeling.
  4. New watch project - QUANTUM Chronograph -
  5. Custom watch dial
  6. Looking for some constructive criticism please.......
  7. Giovino Watch Co experience
  8. Working on strap design - need source for miniature screws
  9. "DECO"-my second project
  10. Decimal time and calendar
  11. Looking for manufacturer
  12. BombFish's Doodle Corner
  13. My Watch Project - SURI
  14. Help with my watch project
  15. Vintage racing timer (revisited).
  16. My first project "Tribute to Molnija"
  17. My first watch project. Bronze+stainless case.
  18. Chronograph - Split Time reading... explain this like I am 5 years old.
  19. How much would it cost you?
  20. New to Site:Seeking Manufacturer for existing Brand.
  21. Help get rid of this dial gap!
  22. My First Learning Session on A DIY Movement
  23. Hong Kong Clock & Watch Fair NEXT WEEK
  24. Looking for tritium watch maker
  25. Chris Ward Special edition watch
  26. Looking for a watchmaker.
  27. Project Vincero - Italian Marble Dial Design & A New Watch Concept
  28. my first project watch: black or white?
  29. Anyone have any contacts at Nixon or Seiko?
  30. My new Compressor style Designs. Your comments are welcome
  31. New Start Up Looking for Help
  32. Industrial Design Graduate Interested in Designing Watches
  33. What about a quartz/digital design?
  34. My watch design project. Future new watch brand?
  35. Partner for new mechanical escapement design
  36. Nite Watches HAWK Design Concepts
  37. Unnamed Bronze Diver Concept Work-in-Progress
  38. Designing and making my first watch based around an ETA 6498
  39. Concept watch for the blind and partially sighted.
  40. Watch design help, want to use your skills?
  42. GLOBAL DESIGN Dos & Don'ts
  43. Which Watch Manufacturers Make Military Editions
  44. custom dial and bezel...
  45. Fear not the lathe - let's make some swarf guys!
  46. 24 of the Most Creative Watches Ever?
  47. Orient Constellation - original vs. my concept
  48. A military re-edition.
  49. How dreams become true
  50. A "black" Italian diver.
  51. Making my watch Evolvens-Budapest
  52. Anyone have experience with these manufactures?
  53. My Ideal Watch
  54. looking for laser work on dial
  55. Nite Watches concept designs
  56. My swiss hand made tourbillon, selfmade
  57. An Italian bronze diver.
  58. Freelance watch design
  59. Wearing automatics in rotation
  60. Why is Orange such a popular colour on watches?
  61. Flaneur Louis | My watch project
  62. Watch material and manufacturing choices (case coating, mineral vs. sapphire case back etc.)
  63. Instrument 2, my Second Watch project..
  65. A watch with rotor and supercapacitor?
  67. Bulova Thermatron
  68. Looking for a watch manufacturer
  70. Three different dials
  71. My obessesion with bronze
  72. And now... for something completely different
  73. Work log: My custom watch project, your opinion matters
  74. Modifying watches with 3-D printer parts
  76. How to manufacture a custom-designed watch
  77. Flaneur Louis | My single-hand watch project
  78. Regulator Designconcepts
  79. What Swiss Movement would you want from a new Watch?
  80. Planetary quartz and tourbillon watches.
  81. How to choose a seal and sapphire glass
  82. Watch Manufacturer
  83. Newbie software
  84. Software?
  85. Happy Thanksgiving!
  86. "North 24" - 24 Hours watches project
  87. Hand-painted dial feedback
  88. MMC Watches | Design concepts
  89. DukeWatchCo - First Designs
  90. Pocket watch case maker
  91. Help Finding a Manufacturer
  92. Have you bored of the watch on your wrist?
  93. Case machining with a 4-axis desktop CNC router - possible?
  94. How does a sub-second module is being built on top of base movements ?
  95. Concept compass watch
  96. Thoughts on concept
  97. Counter-clockwise Mechanism
  98. Anyone able to laser scan into CAD and/or CNC
  99. High Desert Designs
  100. Is there any room for innovation
  101. Movements needed for prototypes
  102. Need programmer/developer for digital wristwatch
  103. New Wooden Watch Brand
  104. Designer needed to develop a new type of product!
  105. 3D printed G-shock with lugs
  106. market research for possible launch of new watch brand.
  107. Desital Timepieces (concepts)
  108. pimp my watch, my projects based on russian movements
  109. The latest in crowdfunding watches: A.Manzoni & Fils, Canopus
  110. Green hands
  111. DreamWheel Wasp Project - John-M.Flaux
  112. World time watch with movement-driven bezel
  113. What is design called ? "Pocket watch wrist-watch" Crown on Top
  114. Additive Manufactured Design
  115. Can You Build This Watch?
  116. Inviting all watch designers - design the next watch for my new brand
  117. Engineer needed
  118. Feedback Wanted for New Watch Designs
  119. Watchmaking student. I need Technical Sheets, All you've got.
  121. Ex2 model design and build
  122. Gravitistic by Jaemin Jaeminlee
  123. Please help me find a manufacturer
  124. Any comments on my casebackdesign?
  125. Gruppo Ardito NumeroZero almost ready!
  126. My design watches, your opinion?
  127. Flip-lock crown premiere
  128. Post your Cushion Case Watch
  129. Ex4 model design
  130. Ex3 model design
  131. Ex1 prototype pics
  132. Stainless steel G-shock experiment
  133. Luminosity on a colored hand
  134. My project racing watch
  135. I'd like to give it a shot and design a watch...
  136. 3D printed watch build with ETA 2824 movement
  137. dial hole
  138. Bi-directional self-winding mechanism, ETA2824, Seiko 7S26, others
  139. Custom Designed Watches
  140. Seeking advise/opinion
  141. ABC Watch design concept.
  142. 3d milling machine needed!
  143. One piece bronze case (with photos)
  144. New Stepped Case?
  145. ES Watch - What Do You Think?
  146. Do you have a minute to Vote?
  147. Rotating Bezel Concept Day @12O'clock
  148. Decimalized minutes concept
  149. Hi, do anyone know this brand? B Bernard Swiss eb?
  150. Ciao, Gruppo Ardito coming soon, from Italy
  151. What's Your Fantasy Watch? What would you create if you had limitless resources?
  152. First Design
  153. A new, old pocket watch...
  154. First Prototype Assembled!
  155. Is There A USA Watch Manufacturer's Expo?
  156. WW1 style wrist watch.
  157. New watch design project - need help/feedback!
  158. Auto Chrono w/big hand sweep?
  159. Nonhacking automatic movement for new design
  160. Automatic Skeleton Movement
  161. Designing some stuff online. What do you guys think?
  162. Giuliano Mazzuoli Trasmissione Meccanica
  163. Altofondale from Italy
  164. The Hapa 1k dive watch
  165. partial ion plated
  166. watch design 3D milled dial
  167. Aviator Stale Watch concept
  168. New Watch Design
  169. In the honour of my grandmotherů[Make a own watch brand]
  170. A new concept for manual wound watch with power reserve indicator
  171. New Tag Heuer SPLIT MIKROTIMER!
  172. BOCC Chronograph
  173. My amateur projects...
  174. BLACK PEARL Design
  175. Dome Cystals- Strictly a thing of the past?
  176. Dial printing
  177. Looking for design and 3D modeling program
  178. DeWitt Concept Watch No:3 What do u think? :)
  179. New Carbon Fiber Watch - Need Advice
  181. Some Concepts
  183. Better Than Quartz?
  184. Feedback req. for some watch designs.
  185. Less is more or big is more?
  186. Looking for someone to develop digital watch prototype
  187. Concentric gearing.
  188. New personal watch with hand engraved portraits on titanium dial
  189. good 3d cad package for mac?
  190. Crystal harder than Sapphire?
  191. Feedback sought for Prototype Watch: EHF Pilot Mk.I
  192. L'Andy watch design
  193. ok guys here i need the help....
  194. Concepts and features
  195. Swiss Made Dial.
  196. First prototype -Exemplary Watch Works
  197. Design your own watch - Fewsome
  198. HELP, looking for somethng unique,,
  199. Help Me Design A Watch?
  200. A concept of a Diver Chrono
  201. 3d Diver Design Render
  202. Just a watch I put together this summer.
  203. Kopriso Nixie Watch
  204. Hello, Watch design TRIBUTE from my watch company Egard
  205. Custom Watch Hands
  206. Need your legal advice for starting a small custom strap line-up.
  207. Personal watch in progress design images
  208. Mystery Watch Dial ???
  209. My first Design - Fireman
  210. My Tokyo Flash design
  211. Looking for Photoshopping Wizard
  212. Is this design possible?
  213. Fraser Timepiece Company - ONE44 Concept
  214. Putting the pieces back together...
  215. Rolls-Royce Watch Design Concept
  216. Custom Watches - Business Idea Survey
  217. Exploded view
  218. Looking for mentor in the watch making & manufacturing.
  219. Help with Musical Pocket Watch?
  220. ETA 2897 Power Reserve vs. Valgranges: Which wins?
  221. Second Constructed Watch: The Floating Quartz
  222. most fashionable watch i think is here
  223. Proportions | Illusions | Style
  224. Legitimate watch manufacturer
  225. Pac-man watch concept.
  226. my first concept watch -looking for your opinions
  227. Omega 2500 vs 8500
  228. A new sports chronograph watch
  229. TOOL WATCH - what do you need in an everyday watch?
  230. Backwards Watch
  231. How is the 'calatrava' style of watch defined?
  232. Custom Rose Gold Omega 1022 Project - Possible?
  233. Monster Bezel Lume project - Rally inspired
  234. Designing a watch is not an easy task
  235. project X design copyright laws
  236. What is this Watch?
  237. Power reserve indicator
  238. Custom Brutale Vintage PAM Dome Glass
  239. amateur watch making blog
  240. My Watch Design...Constructed!
  241. ORBO Watch Concept
  242. WOW!! High-End Watch (Tima Watch Gets Sporty)
  243. Is this casio g shock fake? Its really bothering me because i just don't know
  244. First german light metal watch prototype....
  245. Tactical Military Watch, what model is it?
  246. Watch Designs
  247. NEW DESIGN! - open heart watch with power reserve indicator
  248. What does OEM and ODM mean in watch manufacturing?
  249. Custom 46mm Aluminum Watch
  250. Vintage Seiko inspired

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