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  1. Vintage wristwatch with backwinder
  2. asking for feedbacks and advices for my hand enameled prototype
  3. A Seiko Monster / AP Hybrid
  5. It all got really out of control...
  6. Watch re-casing company in Kiev?
  7. Looking for a watch designer
  8. Opinions and feedback of my watch im making
  9. Feedback on a new microwatch design launching mid 2017
  10. Bathysphere Mk 1 Project
  11. Tritium, Please!
  12. old news
  13. Life is learning... or...Expanding my possibilities...
  14. Designieur final product and Kickstarter campaign
  15. Assembly Manufacturer
  16. 60s inspired dress watch looking for feedback
  17. Custom watch for my wife
  18. My first custom watch
  19. Feedback on watch design
  20. Eta 6497 skeleton project
  21. Creating a Custom METAL Logo
  22. Cartier ID2
  23. Suggestions and opinions on watch design
  24. CODA - feedback wanted on our watch and business concept
  25. Pancor P02 Automatic Concept
  26. TRIESTE - AMA Dive Watch Design
  27. Opinions and suggestions in watch design idea?
  28. The next watch by Draken: the Peregrine Pilot Watch
  29. 1940's chronograph revisited
  30. manufacture of dials
  31. Information on watch development
  32. Your impressions on my new concept
  34. Test pilot watch dial
  35. Looking for advises how to manufacture my own custom watch
  36. ag·gre·gate watches early concepts
  37. Vibratory Tumbler
  38. Developing a new custom dial design
  39. Analog watch without numbers
  40. Help ! looking for thoughts on my automatic chronograph design
  41. Scull diver.
  42. Help looking for strap sliding connectors/adapters for this case.
  43. Igneous E1 - Our first watch. What movement should we use? At what price point would you consider bu
  44. Do people do watch movement transplantations?
  45. Inspiration is off for vacancies....
  46. Looking for a 3D watch designer
  47. Lonely Star concept
  48. Automotive / Motoring Watch Designs
  49. What are some famous watchfaces and which brand invented them?
  50. Chinese manufacturers
  51. New GMT 12 Hour Watch Design Concept
  52. Feedback on My First Timepiece - KnightWatch - Lancelot
  53. Any opinion on my watch project?
  54. Type 250F - Advices and comments on my first personal design. thanks!!
  55. Thoughts on my dial design?
  56. Fairwater Take 2
  57. KJRye's watch designs, concepts, & renders
  58. New Dial from Mojen - FairWater
  59. Is there a source for generic cases and plain/unprinted dials in small quantities?
  60. Which watch has similar or exactly design like this?
  61. Dive watch, off the shelf parts, custom dial.
  62. Need a logo designer for new watch brand
  63. Dial text help
  64. The Hirwill Watch Concept
  65. Feed back on minimalist watch samples.
  66. FUGUE Chronostase | ✎ Concept Discussion Thread
  67. rotating crystal watch
  68. How are closed lug holes machined?
  69. Dimitar Watches First Model
  70. modifying case lugs...possible?
  71. Working on a simple design: please share your thoughts on my dial layout!
  72. Dual Crown GMT
  73. Need a Concept Watch Produced
  74. Where do you source dial blanks? I need a 31 mm blank with no date
  75. Frogman - Latest Dial Design from Mojen
  76. Carbon fiber project
  77. 3D-printed case and dial project
  78. My Pilot beobachter design
  79. Please share your idea The design of pilot watches, your opinion?
  80. Discussion about fascinating watch design
  81. How do I start?
  82. Watch finished: info
  83. Classic Dress Watch Design
  84. First Design Thread!
  85. I need a case designer
  86. Ticwatch 2 Kickstarter
  87. Brass hand engraved dial.
  88. my new project Big One
  89. Feedback wanted on new automatic watch samples!
  90. Inroduction + watch design
  91. My first pilot/diver watch design, need opinions
  92. Insight into changing from spring bars to threaded bars
  93. Source of one off Bronze case?
  94. Creating 3d models and licensing designs
  95. Dial design - need opinions and critiques
  96. New Dial Design: Mojen - Bay Master
  97. Full black watch!
  98. New Idea - Would Love Advice
  99. The Gentlemen - First Dial Design
  100. New Swiss made design
  101. SUPERELLIPSE - Designed in Singapore
  102. I'm making a watch - pics
  103. ERDIGN: A Watch Brand & Design Study
  104. Well dang...
  106. Computer program
  107. Watch Straps
  108. open sourced semi modular wrist watch design
  109. Alfa: New slightly automotive inspired watch design. All comments welcome
  110. Rotating bezel design
  111. bronze seiko turtle homage
  112. A Classic Study
  113. Crystal assembly design
  114. Swiss Manufacturing
  115. I have a question
  116. Carbon or Plain Black
  117. MONTA Oceanking - Renderings Done, the Swiss have started production and we have dates
  118. One brand for various designs?
  119. My very rough watch concept!
  120. How expensive is it to turn your design into an actual watch?
  121. Guidance on design?
  122. Thoughts on a perfect trio watch collection?
  123. Meteorite watch project
  124. Any thoughts on this dial design?
  125. Chrono ideas for current design
  126. Any free programs to produce renders (beginner)
  127. Modifying watch case
  129. My personal workflow ...
  130. Feedback on my watch that I designed
  131. Feedback on personal monogram/logo
  132. Any watch/concepts designers for hire?
  133. Bento : the snack watch
  134. Prototype - Fixed Bezel versus Removable Bezel
  135. The Dial Is The Hard Part
  136. single dial custom
  137. Aestus - a Nixie watch with custom made nixie tube
  138. MONTA - A classic diver inspired by the 1950's divers
  139. What rendering software is used by professionals?
  140. Any thin two-hand mechanical movements?
  141. My personal diver DIY project
  142. Standardized sizing for bezels?
  143. Just an idea ...
  144. Information on Designing , conceptulizing and manufacturing
  146. I have a dream that I would like to fulfill but I on't know how to go about it.
  147. Jump one-hander concept
  148. Case Design - Opinions
  149. Pilot Style Dial - Feedback Requested
  150. Several Question for My 1st Project
  151. Design Question - Advantage of Bezel being a separate piece?
  152. I'm building a nixie tube watch .. Would love some feedback
  153. How to learn to design watches?
  154. Design Your Own Smartwatch Case "Quickguide" with Photos
  155. Help! watch factory recommendation / advices
  156. First pilot watch dial concept ready for comments
  157. First Chrono, please let me know your comments
  158. Need your opinion on our bronze case design
  159. [Watch Concept] Elegant watches with a lively dial
  160. I_LOGIC. New watch concept
  161. Hello all
  162. While waiting for my inverter...
  163. Watch manufacturers in hong kong?
  164. Watch design: Calculating hand size and material for a particular movement
  165. First Watch Design
  166. Minimalist design dress sport (with miyota automatic)
  167. Starting watch concept & Design-advise as to where to start!
  168. Technical drawings?
  169. Automatic vintage diver sport/tool watch design renders
  170. Best Wishes Time
  171. Who wants to comment on my new movements
  172. Need your opinion on two watch designs please
  173. New Prototype Render
  174. project 2
  175. Initial 2D designs for Marchand Watch Company, comments much appreciated!
  176. Feedback on first design
  177. Pilot Watch Dial
  178. Union Glashütte 1893 small seconds modern twist
  179. Bezel thoughts for a sports watch case?
  180. Your opinion please
  181. Watch Concept
  182. Uhuru Watches new design - Ukhozi Pilot
  183. Planning something new!
  184. Watch Project- Cartier Octagon XL
  185. Water resistant case design
  186. Watch design theory
  187. New Dive watch design - Tugela
  188. Simple Watches Design, Feel Free to take a look and give an input
  189. Manufacture a wooden watch - Project from scracth
  190. Pilot chronograph
  191. Marine Chronometer Design
  192. Australian made watche project
  193. Military/Field watch ideas
  194. In honor to the first cuban cosmonaut
  195. Side-Reading Digitals
  196. Some needed advice for a rookie!
  197. Cubamarin. feed back on my design
  198. feedback needed on my watches
  199. Elegant watch concept: a convex track on the dial surrounding a guilloche center portion
  200. Introducing First Designs: Ignition Watch Co.
  201. INTERIMLAMB 2nd Project Jumping Hour Watch
  202. Feedback on my Watch solution
  203. funky ideas
  204. Has There Ever Been a Solar Movement that wasn't Quartz?
  205. Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F900- A story of Innovation
  206. Questions on Watch Design Trademark
  207. A rough idea
  208. Just some sketches...
  209. Thoughts On Watch Materials
  210. What Are Your Watch Preferences?
  211. Bracelet making.
  212. Super Compressor Concept
  213. Top Ten Most Complicated Watches
  214. Design Feedback on Watches
  215. Ron Martin-Seamless
  216. any watches manufactures?
  217. Most prevalent watch lug distance?
  218. Blacklist | New Automatic Model Feedback
  219. Titanium INDICATOR
  220. My first custom tourbillon watch
  221. Regenerative escapement?
  222. Lug-to-lug: how do you actually measure it?
  223. Does price matter if it looks good?
  224. Opinions about my hand-made watch?
  225. Crystal plates in the movement?
  226. Some thoughts on hexagonal watches....why aren't there more?
  227. A New Design Looking for comments and opinions on improvements
  228. How can important historic people influence the design of a watch?
  229. Looking for a 3D guru
  230. Design based on Miyota 9100
  231. Made in US? Titanium watch case fabrication
  232. Superluminova BGW9 x C3 ?
  233. What do you think? Just in: Next Redux & Co. Titanium Pilot/Diver Hybrid Prototypes
  234. Watch Design where hands are stationary
  235. My idea. Is it a good one?
  236. My No.6 Skeleton wristwatch.
  237. SaStek- Time Speed Indicator- PrePrototype feedback
  238. your opinion on new watch
  239. Projecting your Intellectual Property?
  240. VAPAUS | Feedback on our designs
  241. Brass pilot style watch
  242. Another Italian Bronze Diver (early sketches).
  243. Please share your opinion on my specs and design
  244. New design (sketch)
  245. Feedback on custom watch design/project!
  246. Field Watch build
  247. Which is your favorite dial/hand variant? Redux & Co. Type 1 Prototype In! [PIC HEAVY]
  249. My First Watch Project...
  250. This is version 3.5, another one made by me. The sickness runs deep.