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Biel / Bienne, Switzerland, August 13, 2019 - On August 1, Swiss National Day, Doxa Watches headquarters in Switzerland officially regained 100% authority over the name and website Welcome to
Welcome to is now directly handled by the headquarters of Doxa Watches Switzerland, which now manages all activities.

Now with a centralized management in Switzerland, and still 100% owned by the Jenny family in its second generation, DOXA Watches has been consolidating its positions and business activities around the world since 1 August 2019 to offer the best service to its customers.
In the meantime, for transactions and sales made by third parties and/or independent companies before August 1st, 2019, and in the event of a dispute, Doxa Watches HQ Switzerland will do everything in its power to help and assist customers.

You can contact Doxa Watches by writing to: [email protected]

The current Doxa Watches website is currently in transition for a few days. Very soon, the new Welcome to website, completely redeveloped by Doxa Watches HQ in Switzerland, will be online – with the brand's new graphic identity and many new features.

Doxa Watches very much values its end-customers, and is working diligently to finally have a direct contact with them.
With the launch of the new Welcome to website, customers will also be able to learn more about the new Doxa organization and discover the new collections of Doxa Watches for the next quarter of this year. Our dedicated team in the United States under the direct management of HQ in Switzerland will be happy to help and answer any queries.

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About DOXA Watches

Since 1889, tradition in the service of the future.

Founded in 1889 by Georges Ducommun in Le Locle, in the canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, DOXA shares the cradle of Swiss watchmaking excellence with some of the most famous brands in the world. The success was immediate and in 1906, an antimagnetic DOXA pocket watch won the gold medal at the Milan fair. Already known for “superior quality at a reasonable price,” DOXA quickly became synonymous with innovation by designing a timepiece for the invention that was changing the world: the automobile. The DOXA calibre with an 8-day revolutionary reserve, patented in 1907, was standard on the first Bugatti, Mercedes and Peugeot models, and soon after on boats and planes. While the production of watches for travel and sports remained a priority in the following decades, DOXA continued to develop watches for all types of customers. Innovations included a complication of the current date with a separate hand to indicate the day of the month and a jumping seconds hand. In 1957, the brand unveiled one of its greatest successes, which also became a classic: the Bauhaus-inspired Grafic collection. The DOXA SUB, launched in 1967, became the first professional diver's watch for the general public. Developed in close collaboration with the famous sports diving organization “US Divers,” led at the time by the legendary Commander Cousteau, the SUB 300 incorporated radical innovations that also made it the reference for military and professionals.

Commitment and independence.

DOXA Watches remains faithful to the strategy established by Georges Ducommun to produce high quality watches at affordable prices. This commitment is also reflected in DOXA’s requirement that all suppliers respect strict ethical standards for socially and environmentally acceptable manufacturing, and DOXA's support for marine biological research programs. As an independent watch brand, DOXA relies not only on ETA, but also on the Ronda and Sellita quartz mechanical movements, which means that in the future it will be free of any concern regarding the supply of movements. DOXA's independent status allows the brand to act quickly and adapt to market changes – and to focus its efforts on creating watches that combine high precision, technical finesse, quality, reliability, functionality and style. It is with a rich heritage that DOXA looks to the future. “In every DOXA watch, you can feel the DOXA spirit that combines watchmaking know-how with a pure passion for creating beautiful, high-performance watches.”