Please step into a watchmaker’s coat, put on a jeweler’s loupe, and join us in discovering QUINTING, the only 100% transparent watch and therefore uncopyable.

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Quinting's entirely transparent movements made of sapphire allows them to create the 3rd dimension all the while letting the hands float in the air of time. Quinting pushed the limits of possibility and stopped time by exploring territories that had always been considered inaccessible by those in Haute Horlogerie.

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Having the know-how of traditional watch making and mastery of cutting edge technology, Quinting was able to make place for themselves among the most prestigious watch brands. Quinting watches are unlike any other and are worn by the biggest names, such as Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan, Vladimir Putin, Sepp Blatter, and the majority of the Swiss Government.

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Quinting Watch Manufacture, a Swiss success story
Looking back on its history, Quinting was born from an incredible challenge, creating the first transparent watch in the world. This dream, to become a reality for Quinting, has transformed into a real success story. The Swiss manufacture can retrace here the key steps of the adventure of the 5 engineers, with an investment of more than 15 million dollars, and spent 7 years on research and development for the first completely transparent movement in sapphire.

The mystery of Transparency, the magic of Quinting watches
Quinting manufacture belongs to the very tight circle of Swiss watch manufactures that produce their own movements. Quinting possesses all of the tradition of Swiss watch making as well as its future, as remarked by a Swiss president.

Quinting reveals the contemporary mechanical masterpiece
For the pocket watch, Breguet created the tourbillion, which compensates the effects of gravity. However, for the wrist watch, Quinting developed the Cyclone, which not only compensates the effects of gravity, but also the effects of synergy generated by the movements of the wrist. Today Quinting reveals this mechanism to you.

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