Bronze 1967 owners - let's see the patina
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Thread: Bronze 1967 owners - let's see the patina

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    Bronze 1967 owners - let's see the patina

    So the first release of the bronze 1967 Amphibia would be a couple years old now - how's the patina coming along? Share your photos.

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    Re: Bronze 1967 owners - let's see the patina

    Number 143 checking in

    Name:  20190711_210430.jpg
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    Name:  20190711_210438.jpg
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    Re: Bronze 1967 owners - let's see the patina

    Number 28 checking in
    Untouched since I received it apart from a few cursory wipes fron the inside of any shirt or t-shirt I've been wearing at the time
    Patina is much like a brass compression fitting found lying about in a plumbers toolbag for a while
    Name:  IMG_20190711_141930.jpg
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    Re: Bronze 1967 owners - let's see the patina

    Ok, number 130 here. I don't wear mine a lot but it has tarnished considerably when compared to the clasp, which hasn't tarnished any at all.
    However I did order one of the new bronze clasps with stap today.
    Name:  IMG_20190713_184827347.jpg
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