Can anybody identify this

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    Can anybody identify this

    Hello new to this forum usually on the Omega side but am looking for any information on a Sekonda watch i inherited from my father in law.
    I only know what i've picked up from the dial ie 25 jewels, automatic and a rather tall acrylic crystal and thats about it.
    I'm hoping someone can shed some light on it's age and maybe a little history.
    Her are some pics hopethey help.
    Many thanks - Nick.

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    Re: Can anybody identify this

    Appears to be a 2MWF Slava (Glory?). Presumably a 2427 dual mainspring movement.

    30 years old? Just a guess, someone else will probably know better.

    I haven't seen one in this case before, but that doesn't mean much because I haven't been looking too long.

    Plain, but I like it. I've bought about a dozen Sekondas recently, but I haven't got a single one from the 2nd Moscow Watch Factory yet . I'm sure that situation will be remedied soon though.


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    Re: Can anybody identify this

    yup, there is definetly Slava movement inside :)

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