Issue with a Luch 3055
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Thread: Issue with a Luch 3055

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    Confused Issue with a Luch 3055

    Hi all,

    I have this georgeous Luch 3055 that I got a few months ago. It was working flawlessly, doing about +2s/d, then it stoped working. I changed the battery for an LR44, it started running again, only this time it's running intermitently. At times it runs really well, then it stops or runs really slow, then it runs fine again... or not at all. I decided to wear it today, and it just stoped. I left it on the table for half an hour or so, crown on the out position, then I put it in and it started again and it's working fine. So I really don't know what's going on with it. I'm taking it to the watchmaker, but I wanted to know first if any of you guys has experienced a similar issue with the 3055.

    I took a video where you can see the balance trying to move, so at least the electronics are kinda working (maybe the current to the coils is low?).

    Anyway, any insight is highly appreciated.


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    Re: Issue with a Luch 3055

    Without the ability to have a look it's hard to guess, but soldered connections / joints are known to deteriorate in time. Perhaps it's a loose/bad contact / joint which causes this behavior? Re-soldering the connections may be the solution as the electronic- & mechanical-components seem to work, be it now intermittent, fine
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