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Thread: KOMANDIRSKIE lets see them.

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    Re: KOMANDIRSKIE lets see them.

    i won this yesterday for £17 its a bit scruffy but i will hopefully polish it up a bit + ive never seen one with a missle launcher on it before

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    Re: KOMANDIRSKIE lets see them.

    Alcohol + eBay = this purchase from good old Zenitar:

    It's a hefty old thing measuring 46mm wide. The dial alone is about 33mm. Quality wise, it's a step above your average Vostok: It has an excellent, comfy bracelet with solid links and endpieces, a nicely made 1 piece caseback with a viewing window and nice 60 click uni-directional bezel. Lume is a bit crap and the bezel doesn't line up bang on 12 which is a bit annoying, but I'll live with it. The bracelet was a complete sod to resize too. I was also quite surprised the crown wasn't screw down but the watch is still rated to 100m so happy with that too
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    Re: KOMANDIRSKIE lets see them.

    Name:  CCCP U-Boot 01.jpg
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Size:  160.1 KBName:  CCCP U-Boot 02.jpg
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Size:  167.1 KBName:  CCCP KGB.jpg
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    now, as I see the pics of the old watches in large on the screen, I think some polishing of the acrylic glasses would be necessary
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    Re: KOMANDIRSKIE lets see them.

    i like your kgb komradski here is mine, ive got a generalski kgb as well but this one is going for a service in the new year

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    Re: KOMANDIRSKIE lets see them.

    Name:  704465_10151251374612870_1051742286_o.jpg
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    Re: KOMANDIRSKIE lets see them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Lantern View Post
    Here's a Komandirskie on my wife's wrist. Perfect watch for the beach--so lightweight. I would've worn it if she didn't keep wearing it!

    May I ask what your wife's wrist size is? I've been lusting for a Komandirskie but I'm not sure my 5.5 in. wrist can pull it off...
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    Re: KOMANDIRSKIE lets see them.

    I would be remiss if I didn't add my Paratrooper to this thread:

    Name:  IMG_9119.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_3069.jpg
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    Re: KOMANDIRSKIE lets see them.

    Name:  Komandirskie 2 edited.jpg
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    Bought this new in 1989 or so. It still has the original leather strap (shown in photo). I've worn it sparingly over the years but I love the Tankist dial. It's fairly accurate. The quality is good. I paid around $180 back then. Pricey i know but it was right after the wall came down and I think it was the first time these watches were available in the US.
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    Re: KOMANDIRSKIE lets see them.

    Quote Originally Posted by maxroach View Post
    I have seen that dial...
    but what color is the dial exactly? Blue-black?

    Dark blue -> light green blue?
    Sorry, I missed your post. Dial is blue/turquoise/black depending on how light hits it.

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    Re: KOMANDIRSKIE lets see them.

    Here is mine:

    Name:  2013-01-02 19.30.57.jpg
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    I bought it on eBay 2 weeks ago for 9€. It looked like this...

    Name:  2012-12-28 23.09.03.jpg
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    As you can see it is difficult to read a watch with a golden dial and yellow lume hands. That is why I had to modify it a bit:

    Name:  2012-12-31 18.07.55.jpg
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    And here it is once again under gloomy light:

    Name:  2013-01-03 15.46.56.jpg
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