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    Re: Needs help with purchase from the UK

    Quote Originally Posted by Valdus View Post
    I need a donor watch for parts, the seller is in the UK and does not take paypal from Canada. Total cost about $20-30.
    Sale ends in 3 days, help please.
    References available upon request.
    I may be able to assist; please mail me -



    Chris l

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    It is a junk watch that has a donor movement for one of my other watches.

    SWE was a typo, South-Western Ontario is the right acronym

    Quote Originally Posted by gagarin View Post
    What watch is is it? I would buy it for you and send it?, problem is I´m out of cash until monday and then it´s to late isn´t it?

    Regards Erik

    Ps whats SWO, I thought it was Swe before?

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    looking for a gold min hand for a wolna. can anyone help.

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Quote Originally Posted by watchwombat View Post
    looking for a gold min hand for a wolna. can anyone help.
    I have one. As for me I looking for a good dial for Wolna(Volna) or for Vostok Precision.

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    Original Sturmanskie Poljot Steel Bracelet


    I am looking for the ORIGINAL SOVIET STURMANSKIE POLJOT 3133 STEEL BRACELET. Just the bracelet, not the watch. I am referring to the original bracelet the Airforce Sturman watch was issued with, not modern ones. There was only one type. Cyrillic marked with POLET on the clasp and inside with Nerzhabeushaya Stal (Stainless steel).
    See for example ill-phill's photo showing the exact bracelet:

    I can pay with Paypal. Would need to see a photograph. Please send me a private message or email if you wish to part with one.


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    LF - Jewel+clip, stems+crowns, and auto movement

    Raketa 2614.H - balance cock top jewel and jewel clip. I'm pretty sure will
    make this watch fully functional. Currently it runs fine when upside down but
    stops when right side up. Jewel and clip are obviously missing.

    Raketa 2628.H - stem and crown. The stems that I have will wind it but not
    set the day or date. If not available to buy, perhaps somebody could PM me a picture of the stem I need?

    Poljot 2415 (I think. Numbers were obscurred by balance wheel but 24 matches movement diameter) - this is supposed to be a 23 Jewel automatic but the automatic part is missing! It currently runs as a manual wind. Parts or replacement movement (with or without dial) desired.

    Raketa 2609.HA - stem and crown and replacement rubber band for the Raketa diver's watch shown below

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    Question stainless steel bezel crown for my vintage Okeah

    Hello does anyone have a stainless Steel bezel crown for my newly acquired vintage Okeah? I would like to replace the worn brass one when I get it serviced.

    :thanks Chris

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    Poljot 3133 Operating Lever


    I am looking for a source for Poljot parts. I am in need of an operating lever for a caliber 3133 chronograph. I have tried the same part from a Valjoux 7734, but it is not quite right. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

    Matt B.

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Does anyone know where I could get black with white lume hands for an Aviator 24hr as pictured below? I received the watch with incorrect hands.

    Thanks in advance!

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Hello everybody.

    I need a new bezel for a Vostok Albatross Radio Room Operator
    Thank you

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