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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Hello all

    I'm looking for a jumping minute spring for 3133 ( if possible 3 pieces ):

    I think that also the one equipped in Valjoux 7733-7734 would fit best, is the n° 8270 in valjoux 7733-7734-7736 parts list.

    Shipping to Italy.

    Thank you, hope to find, you can contact me also on MSN and Skype, addresses are in my profile.


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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Hello Comrades,

    I am looking for a dial for my amphibia tonneau case which houses a 2209 movement. I know it is very hard to find but if anyone with a spare dial can send me a message.

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    I need original crystal for strela.

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    I need a dial for a Wostok Precison or Volna. Can anybody help to me? Thx Please write to my e-mail adress fakszy[commercial at] freemail[dot].hu

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    Bezel for Komandirskie Needed - Willing to Pay

    Hi there,

    I found a neat Komandirskie at a flea market in Budapest and I was looking to see if anyone would be willing to spare a bezel for it (so that I could actually wear it!) I would surely be willing to pay for shipping and maybe a little extra for your time as well!

    Feel free to email me at:

    [email protected]

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    Re: Bezel for Komandirskie Needed - Willing to Pay

    i need a rotor for a 2416b movement its the 21 jewel kind but i think a 31 jewel rotor will work

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    Re: Crystals for oval Chaikas available

    Quote Originally Posted by dedatos View Post
    dear WUS members and friends,
    Recently I have been able to find crystals for my two types of oval CHAIKAs:
    1. One is the famous green football Automatic Chaika-Poljot with the elipse axis horizontal to the lugs. The acrylic crystal was replaced by a real glass crystal.
    2.Second is an older one, the simple mechanical oval chaika with the ellipse axis vertical to the lugs (standing elipse). This one has been replaced by acrylic crystal.

    I had two watches of each one type with broken glass and after a year of effort I have been able to find someone who does ellipse (and square) crystals.

    if you have same watches and y are interested I can order and send to you.
    Hello Dedatos,
    Do you still have your source for the oval crystals? If so does the chaika use the same crystal as the oval poljot "stadium" I have two of these watches on the way, one that a member here so graciously gave me and one from ebay that I took a chance on. Any how I am going to have at least one restored if not both, both need the crystal replaced. If you still have a source and they would work with the Poljot I would greatly appreciate your help. Feel free to pm me.

    If there is anyone else out there that can help with sourcing a couple crystals for these feel free to contact me also!!!
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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Hi all
    I need the center wheel arbor for a Russian Seconda/Slava/ cal 2427, or complete movement. Fingers crossed, Cheers
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    Re: Parts Wanted


    I'm looking for a gasket fitting a Poljot Stadium case, to replace the damaged one in the picture.

    Also, this one has rusty hands, so if anyone has similar spare hands it would be appreciated.

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Searching for two well-working Molnija 3602 balance wheels (complete with hairspring and balance bridge).

    On WUS since 2002 - Russian Watch Forum moderator from 2005 to 2012

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