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    Re: In search for Molniya Serkisof 15J flat balance

    Quote Originally Posted by constantin-o-politan View Post
    Hi Comrades,

    I know it is not very easy to find, but I try my luck. I am looking for my poljot space chrono, centre stop second, sub second and sub stop minute hands. If you have these hands at your stock or spare please mail me at: [email protected].
    Thanks a lot
    you may try : Uhren Rmer, der Spezialist im Uhrenbereich: stndig mehr als 1 Million Ersatzteile auf Lager (auch fr Nobelmarken!)

    valjoux 7736 appears to be the same

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    I'm looking for the 12 o'clock marker which is missing om my 3133 dial.
    Picture says it all really.
    A donor dial would also work nicely, though I would prefer not to wreck a pretty dial.

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    It might be a wild goose chase, but I am hoping to find a dial for my Neva:

    The black paint is deteriorating, turns tacky, and is getting to affect the movement itself. I hope there is a repairer somewhere with a NOS example in the bottom drawer!

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    Re: stainless steel bezel crown for my vintage Okeah

    Hi all, Looking for a complete working vostock 2416b movement.

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Greetings Russian watch fans. I have been trying to make a nice, functioning Amphibia out of an old 2416b movement and a new dial for the best part of a year with only partial success so far. Still need a good plastic spacer ring and a full set of hands. I would like the hands to be the style used on the current scuba dudes if possible. The spacer ring is the most critical item and should be the correct size for the round Amphibia case.

    Contact me at: [email protected]

    Got them now (May 19 2011) Watch assembled and running well.
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    Re: Parts Wanted

    E-Bay seller "Zenitar" sells such a set of hands: SET OF ARROWS TO VOSTOK AMPHIBIAN WATCH NEW - eBay (item 190517477102 end time Apr-28-11 00:09:41 PDT)

    Also same for the rotar and some other Vostok parts.


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    Re: Luch 3055

    This watch in working condition cost 30 dollars in Russia, part which you need costs I think 5 dollars without shipment

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Yes, the whole movement in working condition costs 2 dollars maximum in Russia,
    but it's nessasary to clean it and oil, I bought 4 of them, they are waiting for new case, they are case-free

    But more exatly I tell about 2616.1H

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    Re: Parts Wanted


    I've got this Raketa with an obviously hand painted dial. Inside is a 2609.HA movement. If anyone has an original dial that would fit this watch I would be interested.

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    Question WNTED: Chrono Pusher for Vintage Poljot Chronograph Watch

    The "chrono pusher" (as I like to call it) at the 4 o'clock position was missing when I got this watch. My watch repair person found a substitute that does the job, but it is much smaller than the original. Where can I find A MATCHING ONE?

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