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    Parts wanted - crystal back for my Moscow Classic

    Hello friends!

    I´m looking for a 6-screws crystal back for my Moscow Classic 3602/05031165 Shturmovik watch, mine came with the solid stainless steel back which is just fine... but I´ll love to have the crystal version also so I can just change it to see the beautiful Molnija 3602 movement through it´s back whenever I´ll like to...

    Perhaps someone has one or knows somebody who is interested to sell one... who knows!!!
    Anyway, here is a nice picture of what I´m talking about, thanks in advanced for any information and help :

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Searching for the following parts:

    1-Complete and fully working Raketa 2609N movement
    2-Complete and fully working Poljot 2612.1 movement (or just the balance wheel group)
    3-Complete and fully working Bridge+ hairspring+Balance wheel for Monija 3602

    I can trade with several spare parts for Raketa, Vostok, Poljot.

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    wanted: escape wheel for one of my vostok komandirskie 2414 mvmts, thanks... im new at this.

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    Re: LF - Jewel+clip, stems+crowns, and auto movement

    I need a complete 2234 movement.....if anybody has one for sale.
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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Hello All

    for a 2209 vostok I need spring for the minute and hour pinion drive wheel (see this image: from 2214 NEG article // the spring is the tiny linear one).


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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Hoping to find:

    Balance assembly for a Vympel 2209 movement, with studded balance wheel, Poljot-built or early Luch-built, as late Luch-built ones have larger balance wheel without screw studs.

    Minute hand for a 2214-powered Vostok like this. Thank you.
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    3133 Wanted

    Wanted: 3133 movement - or donor watch with same movement - has to be running ok and not new - poljot era preferred over maktime - even if it has some issues too get in touch. Thanks.
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    Intermediate wheel

    I'm searching such a wheel for a Slava 2428 mvt. Ref:
    Thank you
    EDIT: no more searching that part!
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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Pallet fork for a SLAVA 2427.


    EDIT: No longer required. Thanks pmwas !!
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    Balance Wanted

    I am in need of a balance complete (2nd choice is a good balance with the roller) for a 2nd Moscow Watch Factory Type 1 / k 43 pocket watch. It is 43.1mm bottom plate diameter & 41.1mm across the top plates.

    If anyone can help, more detailed movement info is in my post titled ~
    "Help: moscow pocket watch identification" which I updated a few minutes ago.
    I have tried to put a link to that post here but I am not clever enough to make it work (46 years years at the bench does that to you...)

    Many thanks,
    John (in Australia)
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