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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Hi Guys

    Just got this Slava auto but the castellated movement spacer ring while shown in the sellers pic has seen to become 'lost in transit' meaning the autowind rotor hits the back cover and the movement clatters about.
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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a 2356 quartz movement for a Slava watch. Otherwise, does anyone know of a contemporary movement that might interchange with it? I guess I'm most worried about having to change the hands if I use a different movement. Thanks.

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Quote Originally Posted by Bart.-Jeroen View Post
    I am looking for a replacement cristal (acrylic) for the below Raketa watch.

    I traded this 27 years ago with a guy from Georgie whom I met and it is still running. Watchmaker said the movement is in good condition but he also said it will be hard to find the window in the Netherlands.

    Besides I would like to find out more about this particular watch, e.g. what type it is etc. Movement is 2609 HA.

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    Do u know what number the plexiglass is?
    i had the same but few months ago i sold it on WUS.
    Here i have old watchmaker who maybe have something.
    Contact me on PM

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Looking for a crystal for this 26J Slava day/date. It is 35mm in diameter and is the height is about 3mm above the bezel. It is plastic/acrylic. My watchmaker here in the U.S. found the same diameter plastic crystals, but not with the same profile. Any help appreciated.

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Anybody got a Slava 2414 balance with OK hairspring ? I need one for another Slava that's just croaked....

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Hello everyone, greetings from Portugal.

    I am looking for a non-vostok "stock" BEZEL to fit my Ministry Vostok case.

    I am not sure if I am looking for something "custom" or if there is any measurement that I should be aware of and then search for bezels with that diameter.

    Anyway, looking forward for your messages :)

    Cheers and thanks in advanced!

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    First request for parts, and for what I hope are fairly common:

    For a 2628.H Raketa, the hour wheel and seconds hand
    For a 2609.HA Raketa, the seconds hand

    Not particular on the color for the hands, just need full-length hands (rather than the short ones for a small dial)


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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Hello Every one.

    Anybody have the gold plate crown for poljot 23 jewels and the hands as in my picture. I need some lot of them.

    Waiting information from you.

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    I managed to crack the crystal from my Vostok Amphibia 1967. Anybody have any info where to get a new crystal? I already asked from Meranom and they said they don't have it.

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    Poljot Navigator 2 crown

    Hello everyone, I need help

    5 year ago I bought a Poljot Navigator 2 with 2612 movement (the one with mechanical alarm).

    I broke it in an heavy machinery show (I can say this watch is very robust!). Broke the crystal and mechanical alarm stem.

    I used to fix all my watch and usually it's easier to find parts when it's ETA...

    Any way, I ordered a new crystal, a stem extender (the remaining part of the broken stem was long enought), but still need a crown and have a generic crown just in case I don't find an original crown.

    I want to keep my watch originial as I can. If you know where I can find and original Poljot Navigator 2 crown that would need much appreciated!


    Here is a picture of the watch (not mine because it's in separate part for the moment)

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