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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Hi All,

    First time asking for parts.

    Need a part gor a 3133 chrono. The cog that connects the hour wheel to the date. Not sure of the name, if it even has one.

    Willing to pay for it/shipping ect.

    Please PM me if you can help. Thanks!

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Looking for a coupling clutch for poljot 3133 / valjoux 7733/34/36. Part 8080.
    its the part that engages the chrono seconds
    just need to make sure the shaft is not broken. The jewels in the mounting that I have are fine but one of the shaft ends is broken.

    this part here:

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Does anyone have a spare inner bezel for a 3133 which they would be willing to sell to me ?

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    need a crystal for a sturmanskie 3133 re-issue

    cracked the xtal. it's mineral glass in the re-issue.

    replacement wanted. plexi or glass is fine.

    or if someone knows the diameter to order so i can get a basic domed replacement would be fine, too.

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    motown, michigan

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    Re: need a crystal for a sturmanskie 3133 re-issue

    Hello. I am looking for a Vostok Watch Leather Strap K-34 Black with Red stitching like this one:
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    Re: need a crystal for a sturmanskie 3133 re-issue

    Hello comrades, I am looking for the "necktie" style hands for a 1957 Sputnik with the sub-second disk. Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Re: need a crystal for a sturmanskie 3133 re-issue

    Hi all,
    I am new to this forum and starting with ask for help.
    I am looking for blue Komandirskie dial for my watch (on photo) that is starting to reborn (movement is counting the time).
    Perhaps someone has such dial in better condition than mine.

    Thanks and regards
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    Parts Wanted

    Hello all

    Am after either a minute hand with identical lume, or failing that a new set of hands which I can re-lume to as close as I can get, for a poljot 3133 sturmanskie, like so:

    Nothing on the bay that I could find. Any help greatly appreciated, happy to pay for hand(s) and international postage obviously.

    If anybody is interested, looks to me like somebody has botched putting the minute hand back on, causing the hole to enlarge meaning the minute hand doesn't move when ticking and jumps all over the place when setting. They've then tried to remedy this by putting pressure on the minute hand to make the too-big hole catch, leading to the hand cracking - can see it if you enlarge the pic enough.

    Anyway, if anybody could help I would be chuffed and very grateful. Cheers
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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Hi everybody,

    I am looking for a slava second hand with red dot for my slava Big Zero, like that :

    Perhaps somebody could tell me where I can buy one !

    Thank you for your precious help


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