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    Question Re: Molnija pocketwatch Mainspring ?


    I'm looking for one of these for my 50's Molnija, but a recently made mainspring should be the same.

    Do you know where I could get one ?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    I need a crystal for this guy:

    Or a good place (preferably in California, very preferably in the San Diego area) I can take it to get one made?

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    I need a cresent moon calendar hand and a black seconds hand that's shown in the image below for my Poljot.

    Please PM me if you have it. Appreciate the help. Thanks!
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    That Gruen will take a standard mineral crystal...

    don't know what size, but it is a three dollar part at

    Any watch maker worth his salt can fit one as well.

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Escape wheel for an original Sturmanskie Gagarin 1-MChZ 15j


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    Re: Parts Wanted

    From a Poljot 3133 I need part number 8140 as shown on the diagram below, not sure what it is called. I can pay by PayPal and would be prepared to buy a whole busted movement if needed, any help would be much appreciated.

    Also looking for an original Sturmanskie bracelet as seen here:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Need please second hand in red and arrow hour hand for a Komandirski sub theme so it may look like this.
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks for pointing this out TZAG
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    Re: Parts Wanted

    I am looking for a main spring or complete barrel assembly for Vostok 17j 2414 manual wind movement. Will consider complete running movement. Also, need good condition Amphibia bezel. I am located in the US. Thanks for any and all replies.
    Andrew Hite

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    Hello I'm looking for parts for my black Poljot 3133 chronograph :
    - a second hand (in fact I just need the green lumine)
    - a hour marquer on the dial

    By Matchou75

    I've got vintage black 1954 Pobeda who could give some pieces ( the watch is fine but the second hand is blocking sometimes so I make it a donor) if you need it

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    Re: Komandirskie case & crown

    It is the first time that I enter this permanent parts' thread.
    Have you found yr Rodina crown since 2 yrs now????
    If not, contact me and I might be able to do something with this case. In fact I have one of my Rodinas for repair but I doubt it shall be ever repaired. So if it comes back dead I might be able to transplant its crown to yr mechanism-donate life to yr rodina! better hear yr tic-tac than keep weaping over mine's a dead body!!

    Quote Originally Posted by TZAG View Post
    Does anybody, by any chance, has a rodina crown? Thanks.

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