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Thread: Parts Wanted

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    Parts Wanted

    Post your needed parts here.

    Just some basic rules that must be followed first:

    1) Please limit your posting to one (1) request a month. So make it count. Keep it limited to only a few parts too. No grocery list posts will allowed.

    2) No selling, or bidding on parts will be allowed at all.

    3) Also no follow up threads, or bumps! And all follow up questions must be handled by PM's or email, not via threads here.

    4) Parts only! Post a WTB in the sales forum for watches you may be looking for.

    5) When you recieve your parts reqested, please delete your post

    Niether WUS or any of the moderators holds any reponsibility for any agreements that may transpire between members.

    Good luck Comrades! :-D
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    Re: Parts Wanted

    hands hands and more hands.

    this month i need.

    1. 1 x standard pointed central (non winged) sturmanskie chrono 3133 hand.
    2. 1 x blued second hand for same watch (hand in the 9 position)

    Parts i have if anyone needs.

    1. almost any 3133 part i had a complete movement that i stole the chrono wheel and fourth wheel from, so now it is all spares.
    2. 31659 movement complete and running, needs regulation, i may keep it for a spare but i do have one. if you are in need of one ask maybe we can work something out.
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    Central Seconds Hand Wanted for Vintage Strela

    I need a centre seconds hand for a vintage strela - I need one similar in shape to the one shown below in the photo (doesn't have to be exactly the same colour... though dark preferred)

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    this beauty needs hands..
    central chrono, second and minute counter hands.

    thanks alot!
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    Question Komandirskie case & crown

    Does anybody, by any chance, has a rodina crown? Thanks.
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    Bari, Italy

    Luch 3055

    Searching for working circuits/balance wheel, for a Luch 3055 electro-mechanical.

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    I need a 3017 calber (Strela) minute jumper or a parts watch or poor condition (cheap) watch with the needed part. The recommendation of Frank Spar was very good and he was friendly and professional; he serviced one Strela but could do nothing about the missing minute jumper on the other so its cannibalism or no chrono functions on my white dial paddle hand Strela.

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    I'm looking for an hour baton to finish my mild rejuvenation of this Poljot chronograph...



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    Off topic Needs help with purchase from the UK

    I need a donor watch for parts, the seller is in the UK and does not take paypal from Canada. Total cost about $20-30.
    Sale ends in 3 days, help please.
    References available upon request.

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    Re: Parts Wanted

    What watch is is it? I would buy it for you and send it?, problem is I´m out of cash until monday and then it´s to late isn´t it?

    Regards Erik

    Ps whats SWO, I thought it was Swe before?

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