Poljot winding question
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Thread: Poljot winding question

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    Poljot winding question

    Hi Iím hoping someone can answer this question. I have this watch my dad obtained in the early 80ís. After his passing a few years ago I decided to clean it up and wear it occasionally. My question is, when I wind it the crown, for lack of a better term, snaps back. It seems too run well and keeps time but Iím not sure how many rotations I should give it or if this action is proper. Thanks in advance for any help or guidance anyone can offer.

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    Re: Poljot winding question

    That little rotation after you release the crown is just the amount of free play in the device that prevents the mainspring from unwinding. To fully wind the watch, wind it until it stops, and then let it do its backwards thing.
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    Re: Poljot winding question

    Thanks for the info.

    Cheers, Mark

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    You are supposed to wind it until you start feeling an increase in resistance. Stop right away. Typically I find it take 20 turns (not full turns, just the normal half turns) to wind such watch.

    Also, from your description it appears that the watch was not serviced for many years. There is no oil left inside. Meaning: the watch will work but the parts will be wearing down extensively. Same as running a car w/o oil changes. Occasional use is ok. For a daily use: service it!
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