Questions about "skinning" a Komandirskie

Thread: Questions about "skinning" a Komandirskie

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    Questions about "skinning" a Komandirskie

    Hi everyone! I've been craving the bronze/brass look for a while so I bought a Komandirskie 811289 and I'm planning to give it an acid bath. I've never done a mod like this and after perusing the many threads about this on this forum, I had a few questions. I don't want to ruin the watch, even though it's cheap!

    1. I can buy a container of 30% concentrated muriatic acid and I've seen some people say they just put the watch in the 30% solution and others say diluting it down ot 10% is more than strong enough. Is it probably safer to dilute or is 30% a good concentration?

    2. Also, some people have said the crystal is safe to leave on the case while in the acid and others say the crystal can get weakened/damaged by the acid. I don't want to risk messing up the crystal in the acid but it would be nice to not have to remove it so can I leave it on?

    3. I would like to put the crown in as well so it matches the case and bezel but some wrote that the acid damaged the crown stem. I definitely don't want an unusable crown so is it unsafe to put it in the acid?

    Thank you so much for reading and any advice is appreciated!!!!!

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    Re: Questions about "skinning" a Komandirskie

    Have you seen my tutorial for brass mods. It is on "komandirskie lets see them" page 149.

    Name:  20190316_094719.jpg
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    Name:  20181231_160846.jpg
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    This is 92 case brass komandirskie-scuba dude mod.
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