Hey there guys,

It's that time again when you decide to take it to the streets and share some of those frustrations that are getting in the way of your next purchase.

First off, I will like to give credit where credit is due;
Mr. Levenberg just created the 38 mm sapphire strelas which in my opinion are very well done.
They come in a 38 mm case and are about 15 mm high.
I think it makes a nice modern re-interpretation of the original strela.

I used to be one of the guys that would like a re-release of a brands iconic watch to be an exact replica of the original.
I still feel that way but whenever a re-release is upgraded and done tastefully, there shouldn't be any reason to complain.
After all, we are living in modern times with a lot of watches being up graded and to be honest, the swiss watch industry has over loaded us with vintage re-releases of dive watches, aviation watches with fake patina. I am at that point where modern versions feel very refreshing!

However, a few things get on my nerves when it comes to the strela models because the strela chronograph is a very well designed chronograph with features that stand out from a lot of the other chronographs. When the strela isn't done properly it can be very disappointing. The issues I am having is as follows:

1. Mr. Levenberg is very difficult to communicate with.

2. For a small manufacture, I feel we should be able to give some input and have the input acknowledged.
This is specifically to the new 40 mm with the seagull (poljot 3017 clone) caliber.
Before I get into the negative here, the dial on these models were done to perfection and the negative is that the case looks like a hamburger bun. It is the same thickness with that of the 38 mm models (about 15 mm).
The design of the case is what makes it look much bigger than it actually is and what frustrates me is that this point was made known to Mr. Levenberg before he decided to bring it into market.




It is difficult to say that this case design was welcomed to come into the market because I have seen a lot of forum members complaining about the size. I have been trying to communicate with Mr. Levenberg to take corrective action with this case design.
However, the dial and movement can be argued as being appropriate:

The dials on the 40 mm look exactly like the classic strelas and the use of the seagull movement even talked about by watchgeek who has a great youtueb channel also mentions that the seagull is appropriate.
The seagull movement is an exact version of the original column wheel movement found in vintage strelas.

I kindly ask Mr. Levenberg if he has read this message to please take more of our input so that purchasing a strela becomes more enjoyable and rewarding for present and future watch enthusiasts