Slava 2414 - annoying Russian machine
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Thread: Slava 2414 - annoying Russian machine

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    Slava 2414 - annoying Russian machine

    Today I give you a popular Russian movement, the Slava 2414...

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    So, so many parts - all belong to just one movement.
    This time designers from Moscow decided to make a twin barrel movement, which requires doubling some parts and adding some more, which makes the total count quite overwhelming ;)

    Below - first notice that the barrels have the lid on the opposite side than you'd normally expect...
    There is an additional gear that joins the barrels together and yet another, that reverses the direction, as barrels work in the opposite direction in 24xx.

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    I built up the complete gear train for you to show. It's a very normal gear train, only alligned awkwardly.
    The 4th (center second) gear has to be removed (or, to be exact not yet placed on the movement) to put on the train bridge.

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    Now it's time for the fork and winding gears.
    The movement has everything 'crooked and twisted' in a way, and so the escapement is also not a straight line one, but and angle lever escapement...

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    You can nowturn this thing around.
    Assembling balance bearing requires some attention not to lose the parts.
    The red arrow points on a notch, where we put one of the feet of the incabloc spring and then you have to turn the spring approx 45* to secure it in place.

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    The keyless works are a piece of cake, but the date is not and I recommend to take disassembling pics (or use mine ;) ).
    truly - it looks very straightforward assembled, but when you're left with bare plate and a pile of parts it's not nearly intuitive at all...

    Also, the watch has an interesting fiction spring for hands - the copper tone wheel (driven by the 3rd gear from 'peering' through a hole in the plate) in the center can move around the steel cannon pinion quite freely, allowing setting. It's simple, but prone to wear and lack of quicket causes wear and failure of this particular part.

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    The date... it's such a pain. There is a ratchet that positions the date ring and during assembling it keeps falling off it's spring.
    You try to assemble, it falls, you have to take it apart, energize the spring, try to assemble again, it falls and you can play for some time like that. Really unpleasant one...
    What I do is screw it halfway down forst and then push the ratchet in correct position, but you can leave a mark on the ring itself that way, so be careful!

    The red arrow below shows one of the dial screws. They are not any obvious to notice as well..

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    Now, asssembling the balance assemby is quite straightforward, but locking the regulator is tricky.
    Ite regulator is quite loose on the cock, easy to move, that is, and when you try to turn the regulator part to lock the hairspring, the whol regulator moves and the part stays put. You have to hold the regulator with another tool this time...

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    And cased!
    Oh, what a time-consuming piece!
    It takes way longer than a 'normal' c/s movement - much more to do :)

    Still, unless you wear off the friction clutch, it's a reliable and long lasting movement no doubt.
    Handwound version, the auto winder is terrible!!!

    Below, some pictures of the automatic and double date versions:
    The automatic is simple, bi directional, with roller freewheels.
    The reversers are small, the rotor arbor thin and both parts wear prematurely.

    The double date has a quickset built in the centering ring.

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    And that's it!
    Thanks for looking...
    Have a great day!!!

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    Thumbs Up Re: Slava 2414 - annoying Russian machine

    Good job!
    Any picture of Before and After?
    Vintage Zodiac addict.

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    Re: Slava 2414 - annoying Russian machine

    I'll post pics of the watch when I take them (forgot), but befor is pretty much the same as after - the movement was clean, just dry...
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    Have a great day!!!

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    Re: Slava 2414 - annoying Russian machine

    Nice. My sentiments about that movement, exactly. For no more Slavas than I have owned I believe I have had more hands stranded in place while the watch ticks on than any other brand. At least it is possible with a conventional cannon pinion to carefully restore function but with the Slava it must be replaced.

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    Re: Slava 2414 - annoying Russian machine

    Ridiculous. I have trouble putting a 200 piece cardboard puzzle together. Clearly I'm going to have to stick to my expertise with polywatch. Very nice. Im impressed.

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    Re: Slava 2414 - annoying Russian machine

    Awesome movement. Very robust

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    Re: Slava 2414 - annoying Russian machine

    One of more interesting Soviet movements, no doubt... The two barrels remind me of Favre-Leuba's TwinPower movements. Interestingly enough, looks like they've been able to squeeze two barrels, and the abnormally large balance wheel (the technical solution inspired by the Zenith 135) in one- not particularly big- movement.
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    And for some reason these Slavas (24-series) seem to be quite accurate. I mean, of my Russian watches Slavas are usually most accurate not depending on condition. Although autowinding 2427 doesn't have a strong rotor.

    I really like these movements. Well done OP.

    EDIT: As far as I know, they wanted accurate watch -> big balance -> no room for a large mainspring -> two smaller ones.
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    Re: Slava 2414 - annoying Russian machine

    The watch...
    It's one of my grandfather's watches.
    It's not bad, but has damaged upper lugs (bent and straightened).
    He once bought it probably around 1980 (maybe even somewhat earlier, as this watch has early barrel bridge shape) for his solid gold strap and wore it as dress watch - a complete mismatch IMO, but... whatever :D

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    Have a great day!!!

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    Re: Slava 2414 - annoying Russian machine

    Never had any joy with Slava 2414's - I have finally decided to try another after a long break. Nice work and an informative post.
    I think I'll stick to Raketa 26xx and K26's - simple and indestructible.

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